Discover the Quiet Side of Koh Pha Ngan: Travel to Ao Ban Tai, Thailand

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ALL-TIME FAVORITE POST FROM 2010 RE-BLOGGED: So after a fair little while staying up north of Koh Phangan, i decided to go my way to the southern coast of this majestic island. You know me, i am where i am. I just go everywhere. Also i wanted to go somewhere and stay near for the half moon party that's gonna happen February 5, 2010

After checking out good beaches from my torn out free map, and a so-so advise from the mad travel agent in the corner of Thongsala, i decided to hitch on a motorbike and explore the south. It's past noon and the heat was scorching my skin. I was riding behind this cool driver, who was gonna be my driver for the day until the next day. He carefully placed my rucksack in between his knees. I was on the back trying my best to balance and not fall off after a bumpy road ahead of us. It was about time, i settle down for the day, with still salt water in my skin, and a few sand stones still in my hair. It's about time, i take a rest for a bit to reserve much needed energy for the night of the half moon party.

A few resorts here and there, Checked out the place. A busy resort. A not so busy resort. A very quiet resort. Too many resorts littered along the coast of Ban Tai. Sometimes, it makes you think how the owners earn? at all? i could have settled somewhere else. Three things what i want where i will stay.

One-it should be quiet and not a lot of tourists. 
Two- it should be nice, i am not looking for five star amenities but one that's just right. Three- there should be a bar somewhere where i can go out for drinks and not having to rent those 150 baht one way motor taxis. So i found myself here in Power beach. And up until now i still think just lounging around Power is one of the greatest chill out moments of my life. Find that out on my next post.

It's a hippie beach. Imagine lone deserted islands. Cool travelers from around the world. Quiet in the morning. Party animals at night. Where no one judges you. Where it's cool to chat and talk just about anything. Where a bar is situated right in front of the beach. Where the bartenders are some of the most laid back people in the world. Where after a few drinks, the real you shows. Where nipa huts are set up to shade up from direct sun. Where 300 baht is the cost of a comfortable fan room. Where you will meet really cool people. Where there's good music. Where life is good.

Ahh, Power beach.

Ao Ban Tai is the name of this beach. It's in the middle of the sunset beach from Thongsala to the broken island beach of Ban Khai. The whole village is known for its coconut plantations and fishing is equally popular. Relatively, the beaches of the South have finer white sands and crystal clear waters (emerald green). This is the same area as Haad rin Nok but you can see the difference which one is spoilt and which one is waiting to be spoilt. Here in Ban Tai, it's still close to natural. The sunset is really good. You're right smack in the middle of things happening. I actually loved this location, you're not too far from the main town, yet you feel you're too far from congestion. Several bamboo chairs and tables are set up for people to enjoy the sunset while sipping those mojitos and vodka tonics. And the music affects your mood. So good!

A shot at around 4pm. One can see Ang Thon Marine National Park. It's actually a very quiet beach with not so much people around, actually i think 70% of travelers to Koh Phangan are staying in Haadrin. And right now as i write this entry, i can still feel the warm air enveloping my skin and the smell of tanning oil and fresh air.
Life's a hippie life! 
It's a hippie beach here Ban Tai!!!