100 Facts You Didn't Know About the Philippines Part 1

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ALL-TIME FAVORITE POST FROM 2010 RE-BLOGGED: I've met people from around the world who are quite interested about my country, the Philippines. Sometimes, they ask a couple of questions about my home town. I've answered a few. But in this article, I've compiled a list of the things you need to know about The Philippines and its people. 

1. The Philippines is located in Asia. It might be situated in the wrong side of West Philippine Sea for backpackers but it is in Asia not near Fiji nor somewhere else in the pacific. 

2. There 22 active volcanoes in the Philippines and 358 inactive (but might change in the coming years). The largest eruption would have to be Mt. Pinatubo and the most recent one is Mt. Mayon, also has the most number of eruptions around 48. So if you're a risk taker and want to be in the sight of an erupting volcano, go to the Philippines.

3. Filipinos hereby proclaim their number 1 past time is singing in a videoke. Whether or not we are all good singers, we love to sing. Filipinos are known to frequent videoke bars, and if there's a budget would buy a Magic Sing or any performance microphones that can be used at home. Just so you know, Karaoke or called "Sing Along System" is actually invented by a Filipino named Roberto Del Rosario.

4. Someone asked me what is Filipino food like? In my opinion, i still think it's not too spicy nor too bland. A lot of foreigners visiting the country equate Filipino food as a little too bland most especially if you're coming from Thailand. Filipinos eat a lot of rice, for breakfast lunch or dinner even snacks. 

5. Which leads me to Lucky Me Pancit Canton instant noodles. I have no business whatsoever with the company, but this instant noodle in a pack is beyond perfection. I highly recommend it. For about less than $.50 you get the most out of your snack.

6. A common friend who is a Spanish lady asked me once what are the diphthongs in Filipino language. I had no idea. I am very sorry. So to answer, there are no diphthongs in Filipino, diphthongs are vowel combinations pronounced as one syllable. Up until now i still don't understand it. 

7. If you're thinking of what to do in the Philippines, let me tell you DIVING it is. Some 100 scientists have declared the Philippines as the world’s "center of marine biodiversity" — not the Great Reef Barrier off east Australia — because of its vast species of marine and coastal resources, according to the World Bank. VIA Underwatertimes.com

8. The national sport of the Philippines is Sipa but i answered with all pride it is a toss between basketball and cockfighting. It's also quite acceptable.

9. San Miguel is the national beer of the country. Whether it originated here in the Philippines or in Spain, i still don't know. A spanish beer drinker told me it came from his country, i told him it came from my country. You be the judge.

10. There are more english speakers in the Philippines than in England. As sourced, it is actually legit.

11. The accent of most Filipino English speakers can be very much likened to an American English accent. With many years of colony, military base, heaps of american TV programs, I'd like to believe there's nothing wrong with it.

12. Ask any Filipino traveling where is the best destination for travellers around the Philippines, 99.9 % they would recommend Boracay. At first i used to recommend it to everyone, but later on i was telling people i meet about the beauty of Guimaras - Rocks, Sea and Beautiful People. Now, that's the Real Philippines.

13. If there are bffs in countries. I'd like to say that the best friend of the Philippines is United States. With friendship tested by time and honesty, i reckon the friendship will last forever.

14. As far as i know, the Australians are still the closest to a Filipino -  Filipinos and Australians are almost alike. Feel free to share your thoughts if you like to agree or disagree.  

15. The safety for travelers around South of the Philippines in Mindanao is a concern. I always advice foreigners to stay away in Southern Mindanao. Just to be fair, unless this is resolved, i will edit this list.

16. Filipinos are very shy people. But once you they got to know you better. You will realize they are your long lost brother and sister.

17. Cheeseburger and Spaghetti are popular here. They're everywhere. Jollibbee is a very popular fast food chain and the food is really really good, especially the fried chicken. 

18. The national hero of the country learned to read and write at the age of 2. He grew up to know more than 20 languages. His name is Dr. Jose Rizal.

19. Who discovered the Philippines? Ferdinand Magellan, a Portugese explored in the year 1521. I think it is one, if not the first history lesson a Filipino kid will learn in school.

20. Filipinos love their soup - spicy, sour and a little salty. Sinigang is the Filipino word for Soup and people cook using pork, shrimp, fish, chicken, beef, anything you can think of.

21. We produce the highest number of coconuts exported around the world. With coconuts meaning coconut trees. Meaning Coconut trees in the beach. Hence...

22. There are 7,107 islands in the Philippines. It is the second largest archipelago in the world after Indonesia.

23. There are flights to Manila from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hongkong, Macau, China, some countries in the Middle East and key cities in the United States. Book your flight now!!!

24. Not all Filipinos live in the mountains. They live in cities, provinces. Some tribes still live in the mountains, though. It's funny someone really asked me this question when i was in Singapore.

25. The oldest city in the Philippines is Cebu, south of Manila in the big island of Visayas. And as of writing, still the number 1 tourist destination in the country today.

26. I still believe The Philippines has one of the most progressive club scene, maybe after Japan and Hong Kong. Local DJ's play really mean sets of house, techno and trance.

27. The most beautiful South East Asian girls are a toss between Filipinas and Vietnamese. 

28. 36% of Filipino adults smoke. So feel free to light up my friend or ask some one for a light.

29. Filipinos love their "teleseryes" - soap opera-drama series like the dramas from Mexico and Argentina. And i happen to write for it. 

30. As of 2009, Manila ranks 5th largest urban area by population in the world. The Philippine population is around 90 million people and still increasing.

31. The name Philippines' came from the King Philip II of Spain.

32. Filipinos love to drink - during birthdays, weddings, funerals, when someone's broken hearted, when someone finally lands a job, etc. We invent events so we can drink. 

33. A Filipino man is a gentleman. He takes care of his girlfriend or wife like no other. He serves and respects a woman. 

34. A. Henry Savage Landor, thrilled upon seeing a Bicol landmark in 1903 wrote: "Mayon is the most beautiful mountain I have ever seen, the world-renowned Fujiyama (Mt. Fuji) of Japan sinking into perfect insignificance by comparison. "Mayon has the world's most perfect cone." 

35. There are more Koreans now living in my village than Filipinos. 

36. There is a BANANA Ketchup here in the Philippines. Haven't tried it yet, right?

37. If you're a foreigner traveling in the Philippines, you can stay in a friend's house and get the master's bed while the owner sleeps in the couch. That's hospitality.

38. The Land of Endless Fiestas is the Philippines.

39. Yes, at 26, I still live with my parents. There is a very strong bond within a Filipino family. We live together forever. Of course, this may differ in some families.

40. Just to be honest, there is what we call a Filipino time. That means arriving late. 

41. Hands down, the most taught Filipino words to any foreigner traveling the Philippines are "Mabuhay" meaning hello/God Speed and "Salamat" meaning Thank You. But in my case, the first few Filipino words i tell my foreigner friends all the time are "Nhakkks", "Pare" and "tol".

42.  83% of the country's population is Roman Catholic.

43. The former president of the Philippines and currently running again for presidency is a showbiz superstar. Eat your heart out, Arnold S.

44.  Manny Pacquaio. Nuff said.

45. Two of the biggest imports of the country today: Korean students and Big Brother.

46. Home of the sweetest mangoes in the world; found in the province of Guimaras.

47. I studied in the oldest university in Asia called Royal Pontifical University of Santo Tomas founded 1611.

48. Turon, plantain and jackfruit wrapped in a springroll wrapper, dipped in brown sugar, then fried, also called HEAVEN.

49. Filipinos are the friendliest backpackers you will ever meet on the road.

50. Filipinos are considered one of the world's happiest people on earth. 

If you have other ideas for the list, please feel free to write them on the comment post. Will add them to the next 50. Stay tuned! A lot of people from around the world still have very little idea about the Philippines and her people.



Anonymous said...

26. I still believe The Philippines has one of the most progressive club scene maybe after Japan and Hong Kong. Local dj's play really mean sets of house, techno and trance.

i beg to diagree on that one... the club scene in thailand is way better than in manila... and house is more popular there from bangkok down to the islands here it will be just manila,cebu and a few places...

bridge said...

this is soooo good!!!!!!!!! miss you! happy trip! see you when you get back! i want to go to banaue rice terracessss!!!!!

@anonymous-you have a point there regarding key cities only in the philippines. i've been to thailand myself and so far from the capital down south and even at the full moon parties its mostly house with a mix of pop and cheeky songs. But to be fair, there's good jungle and drum n' bass there too.

in key cities here in manila, and maybe cebu, etc. the music is like straight from europe. the music is less commercial and the djs are more radical. although hip-hop is still very popular in the philippines. but with still groovenation from way before till now playing really good mixes via vinyl and local djs playing a lot of electro and tech house. i haven't heard electro in thailand.

but i will go back next week so i will get back to you again.

in the end i think to each his own. either way i love both countries, i am actually looking forward to clubbin' in thailand! Cheers!!!

@bridge-thanks for the comment! if you know some other ideas for this list would appreciate it. so i can add to my next 50 list i'll write it maybe when i get back after the trip. yeah want to meet up with you soon.

bisous x

Tram Le said...

I'd like to know more about Filipino guys. Have s crush on one lately, am vnese btw :)

albert said...

yes jerik! love this post. although, i don't know whether to agree on some points raised but this is both entertaining and informative. Keep it up ;) - albert

@ tram le, haha you're chatting up with one. basically just to be honest and fair, filipino men still have that macho stigma, but they are also very gentleman, unlike anywhere in the world. and filipino men have always been known to be a swetheart and romantic at heart. so i hope you end up with a filipino man really soon.\ hope to chat with you again!

@ albert hehe, there's so much more, if you know anything to add to this list. tell me so i can write them on the next 50. i was just curious, which you think you don't agree! i won't kill you promise! let's meet up soon!

JV said...

Re #26:

There are dipthongs actually in the Filipino language.

Examples are:
bahay (house)
aray (ouch!)
ibabaw (top)
totoy (young boy)

Lots of dipthongs in our language. Madaming salita na -ay, -oy, -iw, -aw, -uy, etc.

And the favorite Pinoy greeting "uy" or "hoy".

@JV Thanks man for the information, i never knew that. very sad! filipino is actually a pretty cool language! Cheers!

Just to give you a quick update re #26 dipthongs click here for the link... http://www.101languages.net/tagalog/diphthongs.html

JV said...

Good thing I bookmarked this page. Almost forgot this one.

Btw, I must say you have a cool blog. Nice! Keep it up!

thanks JV! keep on coming back, will be posting some more rockin' stories! yey! cheers bro!

Tsina said...

Boracay talaga noh? But I think, it's overrated. =)

Tsina said...

Na-curious tuloy ako sa Guimaras. But there are many places in the Philippines that are worth going. =)

@Tsina maganda naman boracay, actually if you will ask me so far, of all the places i've been to in the Philippines... Boracay is the most perfect beach for swimming, white sand super soft pa, clear waters, and walang jelly fish!

But yes, i haven't been to Palawan or Siquijor so maybe i have to check out those places soon. There's so much more to see in the Philippines other than Boracay!

Anonymous said...

May alam rin akong ilan:

One of the Philippines' main export is Manpower.

Christmas in the Philippines start around September to January.

Filipinos love to eat food with some sort of 'sawsawan' or dip, from ketchup to vinegar to soy sauce with calamansi juice.

People Power Revolution in 1986. Nuff' said.

Did you mention BBQ Chicken? I am English but I live in Philippines and although I have eaten some amazing food all around the world, Pinoy BBQ Chicken is THE BEST EVER! You simply HAVE to put it on your extended list. Yummy!

@Anonymoys You gave great addition to the list. Thank you so much!

@TheCarrotCruncher your suggestion made me hungry right at this very moment as i type. You guys gave good suggestions. I should finally write the other 50. Cheers!