1001 Reasons to stay in the Philippines

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Bayanihan is one of the proud values of Filipinos. In a small community/barrio, townsmen help out each other in times of need. I am still a Filipino apart from my fascination with anything foreign. I love traveling and i have left my country numerous times this year. I bought a really really good book 1001 Reasons to Stay in the Philippines by Isagani R. Cruz and Lydia B. Echauz. And i think my fellow Filipinos should buy it too whether you're thinking of migrating to another country or if you're simply nationalistic! It's a good read and it helped me decide if i should leave soon or stay in the Philippines

"We have one of the most unexploited natural resources in the world."

Geronimo Mangahas

"Maids, yayas, and drivers--home service at its best!
Boracay, Dakak, and Palawan, heaven next door!
Our volatile history and a future too exciting too miss.
The musicality of the people-magagandang himig!"

Isabel Yotoko

"You can always beat the red light.
You can buy cigarettes in the street while driving."

Rodolfo P. Reyes. Jr.

"I want my daughter to grow up knowing her grandparents."

Allesandra Romula Squillantini

"I will never pass for a Caucasian.
To fit into another culture is traumatic."

E.P. Patanne

The Philippines is composed of 7,107 beautiful unexplored islands. Pick your island, and you can share 7,106 to others!

"One could live twice a lifetime and still not exhaust the implacable enchantments of its 7,100 island and the people who inhabit them."

Anthony Tan

"I don't need a weather report to help me decide on my wardrobe for the day.
At present, in terms of the inflated-peso value of my old house, I can call myself a millionaire."

Sylvia Ventura

"After 47 years here, this is now my true home. My roots have sunk so deeply into the warm soil of Filipino friendship that i have no desire to live anywhere else in the world."

Samuel Wiley

Mayon Volcano is in the province of Bicol, Southern Luzon. It is well known for its perfect cone shape... and the best part is... it's still active!

"Dito ko unang nasilayan ang bukang liwayway
Dito ko natututuhan at nadadama ang kulturang bayan
Dito ang bukal ng sining na aking inihahayag
Dito rin sana ako abutan pagpikit ng araw."

Manuel Baldemor

"I want to belong to a new breed of reformists--unarmed but potent, and seriously dedicated to help move this country towards golden deliverance."

Enrico T. Velasco

"I was in hiding for almost ten years, was in prison three times, and am now on my second year as congressman. Where can you find a more exciting place?"

Romeo Candazo


Karl said...

These are the reasons why you should stay in the Philippines. You can see a lot of good stuff in this country. Consider visiting this place.

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There's no place like home babalik at babalikan mo.

@May I couldn't agree with you more. my love for this country will never fade... :)

ganda ng mga quotes Jerik.aylabet. esp yung bayanihan photo. :) d pala ako tuloy ng India, nagsayang langako ng ticket. :(

@thepinaysolobackpacker bakit di ka na tutuloy? Kelan ba projected date ng alis mo? Sayang naman... I-game mo na yan! Ako, will fix papers this week. next next week na ako aalis. Sayang naman. si Dong?