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For five blessed years, Abs-Cbn was a second home to me. I cried and laughed through all my failures and successes there. I received the worst criticisms, and the best, most touching compliments there as well. I’ve made friends whom i still get in touch with until now, and sadly lost some. It was in these five inspiring years that i gained the knowledge and wisdom to survive through life’s many unexpected challenges. 

Working for a big television company as a writer has its pros and cons, most especially for a first jobber like me, then. Like any family, I learned that this company isn’t perfect. I would often question myself why and how i soldiered on for five years. Yet somehow, i realized that not too many people are given the opportunity of a lifetime to work for such a highly influential company, for your work to be seen by millions of Filipinos, and become a part of their lives, however small it may be. This simply made all the difference to me — just like a part of a family, i feel blessed. 

I will forever be in debt to my bosses and mentors for taking a chance on me, and paving the way for me to have an amazing and colorful television career life. 

15 years may have passed now and i am not anymore working for the network, but the flair and vibe of the company still lingers to me until now. People who know me personally get it. It surely feels like i never left. I am where i am today because of all my mentors and colleagues who’ve all inspired me to push forward and become great at what i do.

Like i said, once a Kapamilya, always a Kapamilya. I support the company’s causes and battles, and i will fight with you till the very end of this challenge. Heck, that’s what family is for, and all about. Abs-Cbn will always be home to me. I am forever a  Kapamilya! 

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