The Beautiful Khmer Dancers: Apsara Traditional Dance in Siem Reap, Cambodia

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So as they say no trip to Cambodia is complete without watching a traditional Khmer dance called Apsara. I've researched about it and this is what the dance is all about. Below are some of the photos i took of the traditional dance i saw with my friends while enjoying our dinner one night in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

"Apsara Dance is a popular Khmer classical performance known by various names in English, such as Khmer royal ballet and Cambodian court dance. For most travelers, no visit to Cambodia is complete without attending Apsara Dance. Traditional Khmer dance generally brings ancient Khmer culture to life through its dancers, singers and instruments. Apsara dance has a grounded, subtle, and feather-light appearance. The dance is exceptionally unique with its elaborate costuming, tight posture, fingers flexed backwards, arched back and feet, codified facial expressions, slow, deliberate but flowing movements. It presents themes, messages and stories inspired primarily by the Reamker or the Ramayana and the Age of Angkor. "