The Most Generous Country During Wuhan Covid-19

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STORY: Yesterday, my Sri Lankan friend Amith sent me a link to click on my Facebook Messenger. It didn't look like a spam or virus message, and the link redirected me to Nas Daily. I've been following him and his 1 minute travel diaries. 

"Popular international video blogger and social media influencer Nuseir Yassin, whom host Nas Daily has posted a video, praising Sri Lankans for looking after tourists who are currently stranded in Sri Lanka due to the Covid-19."
Amith was my host when i traveled to Sri Lanka in his hometown in Ella. I remember spending almost a week up in the mountains and meeting all of his friends and family. I've always said that Ella is such an underrated destination in Sri Lanka eclipsed by the more popular coastal towns. Ella has this laidback vibe and a feel of community - you know like everyone knows each other. You surely will belong right away because it doesn't take long for people to welcome you like their own family. Trust me. 

I even wrote a small note for the rest of the boys. 
"Prasannaupanalaka, Rathnayaka, Amith and Priyantha please tag everyone in the photo. Ella has to be one of my most favorite places in Sri Lanka. And our endless drinking sessions are memorable for me, most especially because of the awesome weather. Cheers, boys! I shall see you when the time comes. වාසනාවන්! vāsatāvan ඡය වේවා! jaya vevā"
Actually, if Wuhan Covid-19 didn't happen i would probably spend a week back in Sri Lanka Q2 of this year. My friends and I have been thinking of flying to Colombo and just travel around. Of course, i would extend my stay and see to it that i visit Ella. I guess once this pandemic is over, i have one destination to keep in mind.