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Yesterday, on my chat thread with friends, i opened up the discussion about the end of the world. The pandemic that is Wuhan Covid-19 has killed more people than any virus in recent years. If the world is not shaking enough, you see George Floyd killed by a police officer, with all the world to see, in broad day light. For the police officer, it seems it's no biggie. Racism has not left us, right in this modern world. That's worse. This event has catapulted into a violent protest by African Americans. And on the other of the spectrum, looters took advantage of the incident and started robbing enterprises. 

So the big question now is, "Is this the end for humanity?"

Back in January when Taal Volcano erupted, i thought what a way to start the year. My flight to Batanes got cancelled, and i was worried my first trip of the year, and first time visiting Batanes would not push through. And then there was bushfire in Australia, a plane crashing, Wuhan Covid-19, and George Floyd. It's too much for all of us to handle, most especially since we're not used to this. We have always been resilient but it seems like humanity is being tested, and we're close to breaking up. 

Back in Manila, lockdown is being eased as most Filipinos struggle to put food in the table never minding that there's still no mass testing (wait, err, people still don't know what mass testing is), lack of actionability and planning is still prevalent. To top it all of, the largest broadcasting network in the country has been silenced, an anti-terrorism bill is close to being passed (you can get arrested without a warrant for your anti-government sentiments), and Filipinos still don't get all of it.

So yeah, we're slipping by the thread. We are close to giving up. 

Before all of these happened, i never knew that we will be looking forward to the worst times of our lives. These doesn't even include typhoons, fire and famine. 

The bigger question for me now is, what happened to us, humans? 

Why are we racist to people with color? Why? It's 2020. 

Specifically, what happened to us, Filipinos? We were once the cradle of democracy. We overthrew a dictator and peacefully brought back the power to the people. Yet, we've forgotten what our heroes and forefathers fought for us. 

If these weren't man-made, i would have let this passed and prayed instead. Yet, we had the chance to not make these happen, to let these go away. We didn't. We are humans. That is our curse. So, what are we going to do about it?

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