Japan Railway Pass Cover Design: A Premonition to the Tsunami?

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Ed said...

saw this photo when you first posted it here. got goosebumps when i saw this again right now. not really a big fan of superstitions and premonitions but this was creepy indeed, jerik!

Ivan said...

aaahh... matagal na po yang design/painting na yan... at may napanood po ako na documentary tungkol dyan... yan daw pong painting na yan e depiction ng incident ng malaking tsunami sa japan dati...

kitang kita sa design na yan ang japanese art kaya sikat yan at ginagamit sa mga post card, trade posters at sa kung ano ano pa.. :)

Oooh, I had goosebumps. That's really creepy. But that image is quite familiar. I've seen it somewhere, I just don't know where.

creepy nga ito, sana di na maulit pa yung tragedy

oo nga noh. kinilabutan ako bigla :|

i'm hoping maging ok na ang lahat at hindi na ito maulit

Anonymous said...


Gambaru, Japan.

Anonymous said...

That picture on the Japan rail pass is actually a very famous wood block print done by the Japanese artist named Hokusai and is part of a series showing the different aspects of Mt. Fuji, which is in the background. It is called "The Great Wave at Kanagawa" and was done sometime between 1823 and 1829. On a side note, Japan was actually saved from military conquest by the Russians a couple of times by these great tsunamis wiping out the fleets before they could reach the Japanese mainland. To make a connection between this wood block print and the current disaster is kind of strange.

@Ed i know i was just browsing my photos and then i saw my photo of the railway pass. I was a little scared. But i don't want to make a big deal out of it.

@Ivan thanks for the info bro. I couldn't find anything about it. Good thing you mentioned, that clearly relieved me of my thoughts. Thanks man!

@poot as Ivan mentioned, this art design was actually made after the great tsunami before. but I'm still scared just looking at it. What happened in Japan is just unimaginable.

@lakwatsera de primera I will pray with you Claire. Death toll is still increasing. Sobrang nakakalungkot talaga! If worse comes to worse, i hope the Philippines is open to accommodating our Japanese brothers and sisters to our country.

@Micamyx|Senyorita Let's continue to pray. I believe in miracles!

@Micheal: You're right, that print is a very famous in Japanese art. Personally, I don't find it a premonition in what's happening in Japan plus if you read it carefully on the painting info it is deficting a wave in the open sea not a literal tsunami that will brought disaster.

@happysole Good thing, the art was explained and it has no premonition of the Sendai tsunami! Let's continue to pray!

@Michael Wessel Thanks for the information. That came really helpful to clear things out.

@Ian Thanks Ian for the input. Michael was able to explain in detail what the print means. Actually, in the end there's not a single soul who can predict a great destruction. Let's just continue to pray for more lives that will be saved in the coming days.

Bogey said...

Can't be coincidence with regards to the recent tragedy as this art work is old... "The Great Wave" as they call it, is a very famous art work depicting Mt. Fuji and a Tsunami.

@inthenickoftime yah man! But just looking at it scares the hell out of me. I can't imagine myself if i was there and this happened. I'll have to research more about this art work. Thanks Bogey for the comment!!! Ayos, man!


@Sweetness I know the first thing looking at this photo gave me the creeps. Good thing, people shared with me the story behind this art work. How are you?