Thank God in Japan There are Lockers in the Train Stations!

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I have to tell you that the train station around Japan are friggin’ amazing all because these stations have lockers. For any traveler, this is such an awesome benefit. Imagine yourself getting all tired with such a heavy baggage but you have a few hours free to roam around still. What do you do? Sometimes, because you have your luggage with you, you just stay put. But with lockers around, you can leave you 20 kilos or even 40 kilos and continue exploring more destinations before your flight or next train. 

When i arrived in Tokyo, I put my stuff first at the locker in Ikebukuro so I can immediately walk around and see what’s like Tokyo streets. I managed to walk around and even head to an izakaya for drinks while my luggage was sleeping in the locker. When I was Hiroshima, i had a full day to explore the prefecture. I placed my 20 kilo trolley in one of the huge lockers i rented out and voila, I was off exploring Miyajima. It was that easy! Most importantly, the night before my flight back to Manila, I had to leave my luggage because I didn't want to carry it with me all the way to Wakoshi. The next day, it was still at the station as I proceeded with my last minute shopping list. I just went back to gather my stuff on my way to the airport. It has been one of the few reasons I survived when there's no escalator or elevator in sight. Big help!

I thought it was gonna be hard but by just paying the amount depending on the size of the locker you’re picking, you’re gonna unload a huge baggage you’re carrying with you. Pay in 100 Yen denominations and insert the coin. Keep the key with you and receipt as this has the code which you will need upon claiming your baggage. Remember that as long as you picked a long-term deal, you can only leave your baggage up to 24 hour. If you exceeded, you'll have to insert more coins to successfully open the locker. It's that simple. Amazing!

Sizes and Costs
Small (¥300) – approx. 35cm x 43cm x 57cm (13in x 16in x 22in)
Medium (¥400) – approx. 57cm x 43cm x 57cm (22in x 16in x 22in)
Large (¥500) – approx. 117cm x 43cm x 57cm (44in x 16in x 22in) 

If you find yourself lost and you need to use the lockers. Go to any train station personnel, they will be happy to assist you. Just remember to say this line...
“Excuse me, where are the Coin Lockers?” Sumimasen ga, koin rokkā wa doko desu ka?

This news actually says, that through swiping electronic money cards and Suica-compatible mobile phones, you can already charge a locker. Now that’s what I call Japanese brilliance! Everything in Japan is efficient. I love this country so much! 

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Aleah said...

I wish we had that here as well. It would have been very easy to travel if you have places you can stash your bags in. I know, travel light, right? But I have a lot of pasalubong! hehe

@Aleah it's a good idea, maybe the Phil. government can look into further. but i highly doubt it. in japan, there's not much guards even in the airport. i guess, they trust the people to do no harm for others. sadly, it might not be true most of the time in the PH. Just imagine, if it's so easy to store away baggages in lockers, what could the bad guys do.

i also wish this thing would be implemented sa train stations ntin. or kahit sa mall

@journeyingjames lockers in train stations are convenient and efficient. it saves the hassle of carrying your baggage. In malls, we're still following the package counter manual.

@journeyingjames lockers in train stations are convenient and efficient. it saves the hassle of carrying your baggage. In malls, we're still following the package counter manual.