The Little Island Cove at Tres Reyes Island in Marinduque, Philippines

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About thirty minutes from Katala Beach Resort, you'll get to Gaspar in Tres Reyes Islands. And about fifteen minutes from Gaspar Island, you'll reach P-A-R-A-D-I-S-E. I have done my research of Marinduque before i left fo this trip. But i wasn't informed of the undeniable beauty of Marinduque's little islets and coves. I was surprised that it was that beautiful. I was astounded as hell. I was floored.

From Gaspar island, you'll pass by huge limestone cliffs and huge boulders of rocks that protect the crown from the harsh seas. The boatman tried to point out one islet but sadly there was a group of sun-kissed animals like me lounging there so he said we'll go to another islet. See the glory of island hopping in Marinduque is you can still find an islet or cove all to yourself. We turned back and off we go to the quiet islet within a cove. The boat docked and this is what i saw.

I am a writer but i just couldn't anymore find the words to describe this place. I was just smiling. I wasn't in tears because how can i. It's literally just so beautiful to begin with. 

MARINDUQUE is Beautiful...
God loves the Philippines so much!
No wonder a few foreign tourists never left the island province and decided to stay for good here. Now, they are the proud owners of most beach resorts and restaurants in Marinduque. I couldn't complain a bit because they've given my fellowmen work which is always good. From the friendly German guy i met, he said not more than ten foreigners call Gasan their home.

What must be like the scene from the Blue Lagoon is the very same islet i chilled in when i was in Marinduque. 

I couldn't contain my emotions, really. Happiness. Feat. High spirits. 

I sat like i always do and found a shade under a rock. Gee, thankful i went here. I could write so much here. Poetry, Music, Arts. But i want to leave the island untouched.

Life's a beach and it is definitely good in the Philippines!!!

There were some fisherman who passed by and shared the little cove with me. It was lunch time and they needed a break from all the fishing. Stopped by the island. Grilled fish. Played Chess and drank rhum. Oh, whattalife for them.

The tricky part with Marinduque is that just when you thought you've been to or seen the best, chances are you have been only to the second best. Get me. It's like this - almost everywhere i've been to in Marinduque, it's always astounding but i knew i couldn't afford to miss out what the rest of Marinduque has to offer. And i am proud that my instincts were right.

Like all Real travelers around the world, we don't stop at seeing one beautiful place.

I was off to Boac, Sta. Cruz and Torrijos next. Day by day, Marinduque surprises me with its wonders.


Hi Jerik,

As always, i envy your escapades are the philippines. But I thank you for sharing me a piece of our country when you do your traveling.
Marindique looks stunning.

Ingat my friend.

one of the many consolations that i was born in this country.



Hi Maan,

Thanks! I appreciate your comment. I know, The Philippines is really beautiful. I just wished more tourists; local and foreign will get to see the many stunning beaches, mountains and of course the people. Marinduque is breath-taking. I never knew it was that outstanding. Take care back in the US! Hope all is well with you and the family. See you soon! :)

Hi Ron!

Sorry for the late reply, been so busy with work now. yey! travel money! ha ha.. Yes, have you been to Marinduque, if not. Go!!! Highly Recommended! The beaches are breath-taking!

Unknown said...

Yes the Philippines is a very beautiful country!

The Philippines is my birth country. I am so blessed to call this country my home! ;)

euree said...

Hi Sir :)

just stumbled upon your blog and thanks for sharing ^^ I'm off to Marinduque ala lonely planet mode this coming November. 5 days enough to tour the whole island? I'm so excited! Used to travel alone but this one's my first "all about vacation: trip :)

@euree hey there! yes, five days is possible to tour around marinduque, its actually a very small province. and you can circle the whole island in less than two days. if you have questions, feel free to post something on any of my marinduque post. good luck with your trip! marinduque is so so so beautiful!