The Ultimate Travel Guide to Boracay Island, Aklan, Philippines Part 1

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Boracay Island is undoubtedly the number 1 tourist destination in the Philippines. Often called "the best beach in the world", Bora as familiarly called by local and foreigners lies in the pristine islands of Panay in the Visayan region. Boracay is an island in the province of Aklan. Friends of mine here and abroad always ask me where is the best place to go to in the country, i always say there are loads of places here the problem is do you have the time?

But number one on the list of must visit places in the Philippine Archipelago is Boracay.

How to get there:
Traveling is cheap in the country through Western standards so if you're a foreigner and want to go to this place, fly my friend. As of late, there are no direct flights going here from anywhere in Asia but from the capital city Manila.

From Manila to Boracay flying is best advised. You have two choices.

One: Manila to Kalibo
Two: Manila to Caticlan

Airline Companies in the Philippines en route to Boracay Island

Zest Air

As for me, never will i fly to Kalibo because it takes longer about two to three hours more drive to the jetty port as compared to Caticlan wherein, you count 1-100 and you're in the jetty port already.

UPDATED: With better service and more efficient transportation system, Kalibo has become a major gateway to Boracay.

Once you've arrived in Caticlan airport, you hire a tricycle/multicab for about P15-25 that's half cent a dollar you're in the jetty port. If you're traveling alone, you don't need to pay anymore tax just the boat ride. If you're traveling in group you just need to a few dollars. A foreign friend of mine i brought to Boracay asked "why do we have to pay separately lose changes, why can't we pay all just once?" I don't know.

A few years back, tourists, islanders, heck everyone is dropped off right at the white sand beach of Boracay now everyone is dropped off at the back of the island along the already paved roads. Wherein they hire another tricycle to get to anywhere in the three stations of Boracay, don't worry it takes less than 15 minutes.

Where to stay?

Station 1: This station is where big bets stay. Resorts and hotels here are far more expensive than in the other stations. The big names such as Fridays, Cocomangas, and the newly built Discovery Shores.

Station 2: This station is where i stay most of the time. There are loads of resorts to stay like Red Coconut and others. What's cool about this station is it's in the center of everything happening. There are lots of restaurants, eateries, D'mall is here, and of course for me still the number bar/club in Boracay "hey jude".

Station 3: This station is on the far south of the island, forgive me for the lack of a better term but this side is class C. A couple of inns, huts, hotels and resorts, frequented by locals, and their foreign boyfriends.

If you're like me who can go anywhere and doesn't care much, i strongly advise to visit those at the back of the beach. Some rooms offer cheaper because they're not located beach front as if 2 minutes walk is such a pain in the ass. As for me, i always stay in Seabird International Hotel, it's in station 2 at the back of Red Coconut hotel. I like the location because it's near the beach, near the now defunct "Hey Jude", near d'mall. So i can get drunk and not worry about long walks.


The last time i was in Boracay this year was May after my birthday, me and foreign friends stayed in this bed and breakfast inn called Lazy Dog, about P1000/night roughly around $10. Each room can accommodate two people but you can try to squeeze in one more person or just pay some charge for extra bed. There's air condition, cable television, clean bathrooms, sliding doors to get you to your mini veranda/terrace and with free breakfast. Oh, and those cute little heart shaped towels. 

It has a very nice atmosphere, with an outdoor veranda with couches and pillows. Nice lovely place to sit around, chill, eat breakfast, have a few cocktails. Mind you, Lazy Dog is located in the back of the white beach in Bulabog, about 5-10 minute walk going to station 2. But i like it a lot because it's more quiet, more cheap, more chilled-out. Oh, and the big cute dog of the owner playing around. When we were there, we were well-taken care of. Next time i go there, i'll probably stay in Lazy Dog again.

Where to eat?
I have to agree that food is quite expensive if you eat at those fancy looking restaurants with buffets and seafood galore. Try the back of d'mall where there bluefish, a couple of grillery, or you can go for fast food at Andoks, etc. A hearty meal shouldn't cost you more than $4. Walk around at night and try to scoot where the party is at. They tend to change, it depends. Some bars/clubs have events so more or less people are in there. As of late, there's Juice Bar, Cocomangas, and heaps of other drink out places. I happen to find my spot right in "Hey Jude" - friendly people, efficient bar tenders, awesome DJ's and an atmosphere you can't find anywhere else.

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