Travel Notes from Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand

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Sorry! It took me a long time to blog again. Internet was crazy around Ao Haad Salad in the north east of Koh Pha Ngan. I stayed in a small bay up hill, down hill. You get everything you need. Stayed till the next day listening to good 'ol music from an Irish dude i met. Really cool! I am still here in the island after a few days. Prices have jacked up since i was last here, about a year ago. I still love this island though but i think one needs more money traveling around here. The last time i was here, i stayed most of the days and nights lounging around Haad Rin Beach. I reckon now it's not really an ideal place to stay if you're gunning for quiet beaches and relaxing in the sun. It's littered with people everywhere.

So, i am now in an internet shop in Thongsala. I just booked my ferry,bus,train for about 1450 baht, not very cheap but maybe the most comfortable way to travel around. I've been drinking shakes like craaaazy. I've had about three hours of sleep today. Went back home around 8AM after the Half Moon Party, with no more Baht left, all spent on good Chang Beers, smokes and entry to the event - right smack in the middle of the jungle. This is some trippy shit. I am staying now in one of the quiet beaches in Bantai. The beach is deserted and it's just chilled environment. Met so many English people and had good talks with them about life. Also met a Brazilian girl who's just the sweetest girl I've met.

I would have loved to go to Koh Samui after this but Baht is running out, time is running out, what else. More on that later. Good thing, I only need to pay a few hundred Bahts for a fan rooms and most of time, split taxi cab fares. 

The half moon party was the best party i've been to all my life. The set up was great, the sound system could have been better, but the DJs were just awesome and phenomenal.  There's a lot of progressive house music playing and i particularly loved the set of the Asian guy who was looping the tracks while the sun was rising. What more can you ask for? I chanced upon again the Japanese couple i met in the beach earlier.

I have about three hours to go before i catch the ferry to Surrathani. Same old, same old where i was a year ago. I can't wait to go to Chiang Mai though and head to Pai for some really cool chill in the mountains. I just hope they accept Mastercard as i am nearing out of cash.

Someone asked me a few days ago, why i was in Thailand when the islands of the Philippines are the best in Asia? I paused because i cannot find the right answer. I know for sure when i get back home, it's Philippinea time again.