Travel Notes from Hualamphong, Thailand

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Wow! What a day this is. I spent more than half a day traveling on a ferry boat, bus and finally via train. It's almost 2PM when i arrived in Hualamphong Train Station. I miss the beach so much; the cool breeze of sunset at power beach in Bantai and also the happy hour spent just chilling and talking sense with heaps of people from around the world. Somehow, it makes you realize more the real reason why people travel, not for anything else but to make a reason about your life. Khao and Jack are really awesome bartenders and i would definitely go back again and just hang out.

I arrived in Bangkok so tired from yesterday's non-stop party at the Half Moon event. Paid 500 Baht plus free drink a CD compilation which is what I'm listening right now. Really cool trance and progressive house on this track. Surprise, surprise! I've just had the best shower in a week, all courtesy of my friend Nio who i met up with here in Bangkok. He's staying for a multinational conference. We're just waiting for everybody to get ready so we could all head somewhere for a well deserved dinner and party in Bangkok - Good time city!

I dressed up quite sharp today. After almost a day of traveling, the train got delayed and delayed and today the train was at its slowest. It's so unbelievable. That's why i decided to look and feel good tonight. Will definitely check out Bed Supperclub, Glow and Narcissus. Yey! I'm back in the city. Can't wait to shop, that is if i still have some dough.