Travel Notes from Chiang Mai, Thailand

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A week has passed already, and time flies really fast but on the train, every second counts. I miss the southern islands so much but i am really looking forward to exploring the northern region of Thailand. I just arrived via train in Chiang Mai a few hours ago. As soon as i stepped outside the train, the cool northern breeze embraced me with open arms. I went out for a walk. Found myself eating spicy Tom Yum soup and some meatballs i don't know what they are made up. I walked around for a bit more and bought two huge sweet ripe mangoes. Really tasty for a morning. I still have to know what is out there. So far, the people are not so used to seeing backpackers who look like Thai, hence me. Same same but different. Thailand is so huge. I don't think i can cover everything at one time.

Last night was fun chatting with some Swiss people who fell in love with the Philippines, married a Filipina, opened a dive resort in Sabang Beach. Got free booze and tobacco you inhale. The stuff that clears up your passageway.

Prices in Chiangmai have decreased dramatically, from 150 Baht motor taxi rides to a dirt cheap 30 Baht for a whole taxi jeep, and 200 Baht guest rooms. I'm wearing a light jacket now. It's sunny but really cool here in Chiangmai. I'm really looking forward to doing so many things here. Thank you mom and dad, for increasing my credit card limit so i can book some tours around. Maybe a monk chat which i've been meaning to do, a Muay Thai boxing match which i want to watch tonight (they say it's the real fight not the show match they have in bangkok) and the touristy-tourist elephant trek and waterfalls. So far, i haven't done anything touristy around Thailand and i think i am going to do the same here in Chiang Mai. I wanna go to Pai but there's no more time, maybe when i come back again and do Chiang Rai all the way to Lao and/or Myanmar. Either way, i am taking everything as they come.

Now, i am heading towards the big temple in the mountain and see the waterfalls. It's a little tiring to be thought as Thai when you're a Filipino. It has its pros and cons, you know. 

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