Travel Notes from Chiang Rai, Thailand

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As of the moment, my body hurts in all the wrong places. Somewhere there, somewhere here. Chiangmai is one place i could never forget. I did so many firsts in this cool city. Yesterday, i booked myself 22 zip lines across the northern Thailand mountains. It was so high if anyone will see what i was doing, they might probably think it's a different person. I am chill kind of guy. I enjoy drinking Chang beer and watching the day go by. I walk around. Eat something i like. Sometimes i do out of this world stuff. But it's very rare. But yesterday, i braved my biggest fear which is heights. Today was another tour of what Chiang Mai boasts. I rode an elephant, trekked for about two hours in total to swim in the coldest waterfall I've been to anywhere in the world. And then, i paddled my way across rocks streams and rode the bamboo raft in the end.

Tomorrow i promise to reward myself with a really awesome Thai massage. Shop a little because all my clothes now are soiled. Right now, my new German friends are waiting for me outside this internet shop so i have to make this quick. Drinking Chang and enjoying the cool breeze.

I have so many photos to upload and videos to still watch. I even took a video of myself as i zipped in that line so you will see how high it is.

Also i learned to accept that i am a moody person. Sometimes, i talk too much. Sometimes i prefer not to speak and keep my calm. Either Way, rules of the game, show your true colors. And as far as i know i am travelling not complaining but just accepting and embracing the world. It's not about just visiting that one place, it's actually finding that one thing that makes you smile, in my case it's how slow time flies in this side of the world.