Travel Notes from Chiang Mai, Thailand

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(l-R) Alex on vocals, Christian on drums, Jerik on guitars, MM on tip box.

Looking back at the two weeks spent around Thailand gave me a clearer impression why i love traveling so much. The infinity of possibilities when you're in a foreign territory is always something to look forward to. As of the moment, i am writing what i miss which sucks because you know your trip is finally over. But at the same time, i look forward to going back home and spending time with the people i love. Get comfy in bed, laze for a few days and just enjoy what is left before i work and then travel to greater destinations!!!

With so many people you meet along the way, from the first night in Bangkok along Khao San Road to the train rides down south and up north, chill people you drink with at the beaches of Koh Phangan at Power Beach and the really cool artist you meet in Ao Haad Salad. What an impression it gives you. The world is beautiful. The People are beautiful.

On my last night in Bangkok, i got robbed by paying so much for a ping pong show in Patpong, a trumpet show, a blade popping balloon show, etc. What the heck, you'll lose your sanity and money in Thailand if you're not careful. Spent the last few hours buying so many stuff i don't need but have to buy because they are ridiculously cheap. Example is a really handsome white strapped watch in Chatuchak for 100 friggin' baht.  I also have never met a girl who actually bought me a drink, and she's Thai. On my last night, we had a very sad goodbye. But as i always say, i know i will come back again for sure.

It's my third time in Thailand and just to be fair, my first time was so touching, i felt a tear falling from my eyes. Although this trip was equally memorable because the people i hang out with in this journey made it possible for me never to forget how amazing it is to travel.

I may be lazy at some time, i may lag when i think about what to do, decisions are harder for me in the morning after a hangover. My priorities change, i'd live for today and worry about tomorrow.

Now, i have a slight flu. Maybe the endless Chang nights and extreme stuff i did took a toll on my body. I just had tamarind soup with fish and shrimp, the best of Filipino food. I am on calamansi detox now so i can regain my strength. But either way, this trip is so unforgettable, this is one for the books.

On the other hand, while this trip was going on, i had the best opportunity to write for online backpacking sites and a special feature in travel blog sites, world's best here...