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I was in the middle of somewhere i've never been to before in the shores of one of Koh Phangan's isolated beaches when i heard the news. I checked my e-mail as i always do once in a while when i travel just to know whether i won the lottery or a good friend of mine sent me a plane ticket to somewhere in Europe or Canada, but this i did not expect.

As i was paying about 90 baht for 1 hour internet use, which is rather expensive for Thailand, I clicked on an email sent a few days prior. It was from starlagurl whom i didn't know. The mail said something about my blog being featured in travelblogsites and i was one of the current bloggers to watch out for. Wait.

Did i see it right? or i was just being too excited about it that i missed the word I MIGHT BE FEATURED. But it was no joke. I clicked on the link and voila, i was there, in all my glory and pride, a photo of a haggard traveler with no sleep, obviously drunk from last night and trying to brave the steps of the Bayon Temple. 

“Pinoy Boy” Jerik de Guzman talks travel
By starlagurl 

Jerik de Guzman is a Filipino backpacker traveling across the Philippines, Asia and beyond. 

He writes about things that aren’t in the guidebooks; he’s a very in depth and experiential traveler.

Jerik de Guzman, Filipino world traveler

Jerik’s plan is to circumnavigate the world one country at a time. 

He’s got a very limited budget, but a very high spirit, he wants to explore the vastness of the world and conquer his fears. 

Jerik says he writes down his thoughts and experiences on his blog to help him remember how crazy he was, traveling to remote places and hanging out with the locals of the world.

He's named his blog Pinoy Boy Journals as a tribute to a nickname given to him by an American backpacker he met in Thailand.

“I am a proud Filipino,” he says. 

“With very few Asian backpackers around, I try to make my trips memorable by not just passing through but actually making a mark.”

You can find Jerik’s mark all over Thailand as well as Cambodia and China. 

He describes himself as a dreamer, who fights for freedom and inspires everyone to get out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves by having adventures.

He loves meeting people from around the world. 

Jerik says his usual itinerary when traveling includes happy hour cocktails and partying to tech house music. 

Right now, you can find him in Chiang Mai, Thailand, losing track of the days.

Never in my wildest dreams have i ever thought that the world might be interested in my travel and my experiences.

As i always say, traveling for me is not a feat, it's a choice. The world is my life, and i chose to live to see its beauty. I don't want to grow old in my seventies and look back and say yeah I've been to Boracay. That's it?! I want to share the stories of how i got lost in a remote village in Antique, how a lovely Thai girl bought me a beer, how i met my first traveler friend abroad in Hong Kong and brought me to Spicy Fingers, how i made love in the shores of Haadrin with the moon in its fullness.

My trips are nowhere great as compared to some like my friend traveler Valen, an Italian guy i met in Singapore who has traveled the world from Europe to Asia overland, only flying ONCE from East Timor to Australia, but my experiences are worth to note and share.

A Pinoy Boy at heart, i would like to thank Jessica, an American backpacker i met in Tonsai beach who has aptly given me the name "Pinoy Boy" for without her, i would never thought that i carry a name so proud as to write a blog about a pinoy boy's adventure.

To the many people i have traveled with and met along this vast courageous journey, thank you. 

To my family, especially my parents, for understanding my dream to travel the world. Without their financial help, their unwavering support and love, i won't survive months away from home.

Thank you to Travelblogsites for checking what i had to say. I think the blog is inspirational, not because it means you're a proud blogger and people will see that you're a backpacker extraordinaire, but because it gives hope and wisdom to some that there is a hell lot out there to experience and see. This site is also a home to the many dreamers and adventure enthusiasts who chose not to be confined but to explore. Without them, i wouldn't be inspired to travel as much. 

Cheers from lovely Manila, Philippines!!!


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