Travel Notes from Downtown, Cebu City, Philippines

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Nindot mag guroy guroy sa cebu! kaso perting kapuya. Unya inig gabi inoman na!!!!

I just asked the guy managing this internet shop along Mango Avenue to translate in Cebuano what i just did today. Basically, it means it's wicked to hang out and roam around Cebu but it's tiring. Later, it's time to get drunk!

I arrived today in the Queen City of the South. The flight from Manila to Cebu City took maybe an hour or so. I rode a taxi cab going to the city because i couldn't find any public transportation like a jeepney or a motorcycle. It was about P300, expensive, i know.

I used the day to basically familiarize myself with the different streets and avenues of the city. I just watched the sunset over the Taoist temple which was brilliant because i was the only out-of-towner there. I listened to cool relaxing tracks while waiting for dusk. I was ZEN.

Before that, i went to Ayala center Cebu which was a bit far than expected. I rode the jeepney going there which is quite interesting anyway. It was all good as i got to people watch and see the many colorful graffiti on the walls along Mango Avenue.

I'm staying in a hotel called Holiday Plaza which also has a bakeshop. I'm laughing my ass of. But it's right smack in the middle of Fuente Osmena, which is absolutely great.

The girls here are off the hook. Very charming indeed. Adam, when you go to the Philippines, this is where i will take you. I found the LBC girl very nice. I just sent a letter back to Manila because i need to process some papers. 

I asked the guy here where to drink. He said 7PM is when drinks are served in the city. I love happy hours. I always look forward to drinking cold beer as the sun sets.

Oh, I think i want to go to the spa just to get my mind off from work and into this trip. I miss work. 

So there you go, i spent way too much today and i don't know how i spent them. I will keep track of my money from hereon, so i have enough funds for the next few days.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Bantayan Island here in Cebu province. I'm hoping to get a pleasant response soon.

Sending much love and sweat here in Cebu City!