Travel Notes from Tokyo, Japan

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So, after sleeping for about sixty minutes, and still feeling the alcohol inside my system, i went to the airport and found myself flying over to Hong Kong via Cathay Pacific. It was my first time riding the airline and i must say, it sure is worth every penny. 

Service was great, breakfast was great, even the shows on the small screen were great. Watched a bit of E! channel and listened to instrumental music on one of the music channels while cruising at an altitude of 32,000 feet. After about two hours i arrived at the Hong Kong International airport and transited my way on board CX 504 bound for Tokyo, Narita.

As tipped before by my friend, weather in Japan is not looking too good today. As the plane approached its final descent, i could feel the plane trembling from the turbulence. I did not care for i was able to sight a glimpse of the vast white sand island beach of Okinawa, And the lone beaches east of the city of Narita.

As soon as i exited the airport, saw my friend Yoshi over and chatted for a bit at the smoking lounge. You can't just smoke anywhere you want here in Japan, you have to find those little nooks. 

And the rest of the day were spent wandering around Ikebukuro and familiarizing myself with the trains and the routes which little by little i was able to immerse and memorize. 

As of this moment, i am waiting for my eyes to shut, and end the day, just writing this then i'll hit the shower. But today, proved to be productive. Not only was i able to check out izakaya and feast on delicious Japanese cuisine which includes a plate of Sushi which i downed non-stop, plates of fresh salmon, octopus, squid and yellow fin. I also sampled on ramen salad, fried chicken (the local flavour) and pig tongue which i had to try, if only for a unique Japanese experience.

I am sleeping over at my friend's cool pad here in Wakoshi in Wako, a few train stops away from Ikebukuro. Tomorrow, Yoshi promised to cook breakfast which includes soybeans (spoiled and rotten) and rice, and a few other goodies in store.

Can i just say, if you want to get inspired, head to Tokyo. There's a billion thoughts rambling in my head now. Everyone passing by me at the train station looks effortlessly stylish!!!

It's my first day in Japan, and i want to go back already to this country real soon!!!


flipnomad said...

i'm envious... hehe... go to nara and kyoto... you'll enjoy it there...

Ed said...

post pictures! haha.

btw, I'm going over your entries about BKK. will be going there this January so I need all the tips I can get. Thanks for the info in advance!

Parker said...

Wow. No pictures yet and I already feel excited for you. Dont forget your promise :)

Anonymous said...

"It's my first day in Japan, and i want to go back first day in Japan, and i want to go back already!!!"

yeah you should go back first day in Japan! harhar

@flipnomad i went to narra and kyoto, but i prefer narra a lot. its much more quiet and once, i sat in one of the park benches, it was the best feeling ever!

@ed, yes will post pictures once i write a proper blog entry on japan! regarding Thailand, yes man sure would be glad to help. post a comment on any blog entries on Thailand and i will try my best to answer your questions!

@black cat, tsukiji market is closed from what i heard, too bad coz i want to go there too! thanks! marts, you will love it there for sure! Japan is an aweeesome country to go to. one of my personal favorites actually!

Project Gora said...

looking forward to your JR pass review :)

@Milet Miranda Coming right up. Thanks for reading!