Travel Notes from Kyoto, Japan

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I'll make this super quick, i'm paying 100 yen for 30 minutes internet. WTF! Anyway, yesterday i found myself riding the trains around Tokyo. So far, so good. Thanks to Yoshi, i'm now able to navigate my way around by myself. I went to Shinjuku, which by far is my favorite. Also, i went to Shibuya and the Roppongi hills, and walked from there going to Takeshita Street in Harajuku. Yoshi bought me this cool indian skull ring which i super love. Now, i think i will have to pay overload: when i checked in from Manila, baggage is 19 kilos, 20 kilos is the limit, and my hand carry is 6 kilos, limit is 7 kilos. Good job Jerik for overpacking.

For my days in Tokyo, i am based in Wakoshi, it's close to the last station from Ikebukuro. Today, i rode the Shinkansen for the first time, from Tokyo Station to Kyoto.

I'm now here in Kyoto and it's fuckin' freezing. It's about 11 degrees Celsius here and good thing i brought with me a couple of warm clothes. I just ate a full meal of gyoza, fried rice and fried chicken. And i'm still finding it hard to use the chopsticks. Shit! Oh, and i have to tell you some other time, i paid $6 or P300 for a piece of Tempura Shrimp. Wow!

Anyway, here in Kyoto, the Kyoto tower is amazing and the Kyoto station is absolutely beautiful, it connects to a mall called Isetan where you can shop!

I'm staying here near the station at a hostel called K's house. The very same group of hostels were i will be staying when i get to Kawaguchi-ko in order to get close to Mt. Fuji and the lakes.

I sat on the right side of the train, and thanks to that i got my first glimpse of the superb Mt. Fuji. It's a quiet day today for me, as i am traveling now alone. Yoshi needed to go back to work and predict the weather.

But no problem, tonight is the anniversary of the hostel where i'm staying and people say there's free drinks and food, I'll find my way around!

Love from Kyoto!


ayan said...

youre one heck of a lucky guy...
i transport to japan only when im reading murakami books. lol. japan trip is definitely on my bucket list

are u travelling for a living? kakainggit

flipnomad said...

akyat ka dun sa parang tourist spot sa taas ng hill tapos lakad pababa... i forgot the name... daming naka dress up dun as geisha lol

Anonymous said...

nice blog. baka magustuhan mo rin to

hey ayan, thanks! i am blessed to be able to visit this beautiful country. actually, i'm on holidays. you should go, top places to go are hiroshima miyajima, narra, dotonburi in osaka and anywhere around tokyo!

@flipnomad where was that? i had temple overload. to be honest, i am not really a huge fan of temples, i went to riaojoki i think, but narra is just spectacular. i loved my stay there. also, chased over a geisha going to the hotel which was fun. in gion in kyoto is where the geishas roam around.

@anonymous yes for sure will try visiting your site asap. thanks and feel free to come back anytime!