Travel Notes from Nara, Japan

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Hi! I`m still here in Kyoto. Yesterday was interesting. After waking up late, i always wake up late here (Weather is perfect for sleeping), i went to the train station supposedly to go to this temple called Tofukuji. Instead, i got lost!

And i just kept on riding the wrong train, that i ended up in Nara. I didn't get off at the right stop. That trip was suppose to happen tomorrow. Instead, i navigated the small, quiet town yesterday. I went to see pagodas and temples. I got to the park, sat down for a bit and deers came to me. It was so surreal. There's just a bunch of deer roaming around. A lot of places around Nara are World Heritage Site. While i was there, this old Japanese couple took most of my photos which was very nice of them! I wished i could have stayed a little longer and chatted. I also went to the Salon and got crazy with colors. I really really want to dye my hair silver! It's a little expensive here, about 9450 Yen for bleach and double color.I hope ican make it happen when i get to Osaka.

So yesterday, transferred to another dorm room and got to hang out with two swedish blokes (brother) and this French-Portugese. The swedes left for Okinawa and the French dude's in Nara now. Pretty cool guys, and interesting character. We were out scouring the cheapest beer. From 7-11, its about 298 Yen for a big can of Kirin.  I hope to see the french dude when iget to Kawaguchi-ko beforeigo back to Tokyo. But some plans really do change, i've heard amazing stories of Hiroshima and Miyajima, Kobe too. So i'm thinking of heading there for a short trip.

With the Japan Railway pass and Shinkansen, everything's possible. So, I'm trying to maximize what i paid for.

So, I have to go now. Last night, i paid for a Kyoto bus pass and i'm gonna use it today, haven't explored much of Kyoto except Gion district where the Geisha's walk, and getting myself drunk buying cheap beers and (3rd generation beer). I'll share the story some other time.

So, getting lost shouldn't be a bummer. With me getting lost and getting off at Nara, i've experienced one of the best there!

I'll end my Kyoto stop with a view on top of the Kyoto Tower which was suppose to be the best!

Cheers! I miss family, friends and work back home. But i'm having a blast out here and when i come back, my mind is refreshed! God, i love Japan so much!



Nilcha said...

the title of this post made me laugh!
so did u dye ur hair?

sadly no, i couldn't fit it in the budget. plus i know i can dye my hair silver too back at home half the price! i'll post a photo of myself once i've colored it. waaahhhh thanks!

it would have been great if you got the silver hair..a laugh trip.try mo lng let's see how would you look like.hehehe

@paperbiscuits i really really want a make-over when i was in Japan but it was really expensive. saw a cool guy who had silver hair the day before and so i told myself, i want that hair. But it was about almost P10,000 for bleach and color! too expensive for me. I'll try it out here in Manila! he he I'll let you know!