Travel Notes from Osaka, Japan

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I'm now here in Osaka, and got up pretty late today. Tried to use up my Kyoto bus pass and so i did that. But i already have a temple fatigue, and so I just chose the best. I've heard a lot of good reviews about this one temple called Riajokan which was very zen and a Unesco World Heritage Site. Went to a couple of temples, but most of which you need to pay about 300 Yen to get in. For someone, who doesn' like temples at all, i had to let it pass. I'm taking too long in Kyoto and i need to leave real soon. That's why I'm already in Osaka which is like 5 minutes away from Kyoto via Shinkansen.

My God, it's about 10 degrees outside. And i'm freezing. Got here pretty late as the sun sets (5pm), and i'm staying at this hostel called J. Hoppers in Takufushima (i think) which is in the northern part of the city. Took a lot of trains to get to the south called Minami which was absolutely craaaazy. Near Dotonburi, most lights i have seen. At Namba center and the underground shopping complex, most stuff are for women. I've seen a trippy russian hat and cool neck piece made up of real fur. So i'm hoping to find one, because i know i will need it in Kawaguchi-ko.

I want to explore more of this city, but i don't like this hostel where i'm staying. So, let's see, maybe i'll just stay at my friend's house in Fukuoka tomorrow!

Oh shoot, i need to study how to get there by Shinkansen. All i know is the stop should be at Hakata station which is for Fukuoka, and from there let's see. I want to see Mt. Aso, i think my friend is taking me there for some nature-trippin'! yeaaaah!!!! =)

Anyway, I'll call it a night and head to bed and try to wake up around 6AM to get a good breakfast at one of the stalls around here and head to Shin-Osaka where I'll catch the bullet train.

Also, i have plans of stopping by Hiroshima and Miyagima on my way to Tokyo so let's see. I don't like planning and I'm really bad at it. So, there!

I miss home but i can't wait to go near the lake of Mt. Fuji and soak in an onsen.

I am very very very surprised, that people around here actually think I'm Japanese. Huwwaaat!


Nilcha said...

huahahha maybe for them, u look like takuya kimura tats why lol!

seen the photo of the guy, do you think i look like him Nilcha? i don't think sooo! ha ha ha