Travel Notes from Fukuoka, Japan

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The further south you travel in Japan, the less hectic life becomes. I`m still here in Fukuoka, in the Kyushu region. I was suppose to catch the train to Mishima in order to get to Kawaguchi-ko but i don`t want to be homeless for tonight as the last bus leaves at 20:00 and i'm going to arrive there past that time. So, instead of trying my luck there, i`m crashing at this hostel called Khao San Fukuoka near the Hakata train station. Yesterday, i arrived pretty late at this little town by the name of Yanagawa. It is relatively a still unknown destination for backpackers. And last night, i stayed at my friend`s awesome house which was far out from civilization. The location was very quiet which made my sleep there one of the best, if not the best, all through out my trip.

I`m nearing my seventh day traveling, and my body is getting tired. I`ve been drinking coke like non-stop and I've been eating off the hours. Yesterday until today, i`ve been eating non-stop; from burger rice at this family friendly placed called Joyfull to fresh fruits, to ramen noodles and so many different types of sushi, which i had for lunch at one of those revolving restaurants. Finally, ate there. I am now getting addicted to seaweed wrappers, i even snack it, and miso soup as well as sushi of all kinds. Today, i just ate fish egg, and salmon which was YUM!

I am extremely thankful for the unwavering hospitality of my Japanese hosts, Yoshi and Meanne and Marco and the two adorable kids. I`ve been stuffed, treated and very much well taken care of. And for that, i will forever be grateful. I will be so back in Japan this April for Sakura which was suppose to be the best season!

I know my days are numbered here in Japan, and it's been a roller coaster ride. There are times when i miss my folks back home, and my work but there are times when i am slowly becoming part of the daily life here. And i`m becoming part of the system.  I miss trains less, and most of the time i don`t have to ask for directions because i know already how to get where i am going.

I am using free internet at this hostel which was a suprise from the 100 Yen / 15 minutes. I just remembered yesterday, i left my high top shoes which i bought in Bangkok, in my hostel in Osaka. I am still thinking if i should get them back or let it go.

It's now officially 10 degrees here in Fukuoka, i just walked for a bit at the bustling nightlife area of Tenjin which was okay but i found myself like an outsider. I went back home, bought this chicken pasta noodles at Lawson station. Saw this German guy whose been trying to live here in Fukuoka. He got a work at this hostel and will be part of the staff of an A&F shop here. I was suppose to go with them to meet up with these Japanese chicks, but last train departs Tenjin at 12. So, how are we going to back here in Hakata? Taxi, maybe not!

So, i'm out here typing and i really want to sleep so i could get up early for Hiroshima. But, i do really miss my hosts here in Fukuoka. I don`t want to bother them anymore with my laziness. I hope to come back again, and stay longer!

Missing everyone back home!


Lily Riani said...

wow! traveling whole japan. you one lucky dude. i sooo envy you.

wahdi said...

Hi there, nice pictures! love to see more pictures of Fukuoka! going there next year..

hey lily riani, yes i tried to maximize my japan railway pass so i traveled from tokyo all the way to fukuoka, with stops at kyoto, narra, osaka, hiroshima! thanks! hope you can go there too!

@wahdi, thank you bery much! yes will post my fukuoka trip soon with photos! its very laidback, what are you just traveling around fukuoka?

Parker said...

wow your photos speak so much words! looking forward to more images!

@black cat! thanks man! hope you're having a blast in Cebu! i have very few photos uploaded on Facebook but i made sure it says a lot. Cheers! Pasalubong!

wow! i'm aiming for japan nxt year. sana d ako mahirapan sa Visa. kakainggit ka naman nilibot mu tlga! :)

@thepinaysolobackpacker, yes! i will post on how to ace the Japanese visa. its not that hard. But yes, they're sometimes giving a hardtime for Filipinos, i'll share the story soon. I also wanted to maximize the Japan Railway Pass so i ventured from Kanto Area to Kyushu, thousands of kilometers away, north to south. he he thanks! Punta ka Japan, the most beautiful country i've been to so far, apart from the Philippines!

Unknown said...

yes! i'm also looking forward to your posts about how to apply for japanese visa. sana you share some tips.

@thepinay solo backpacker-i thought you plan to go to china next?

Unknown said...

yes! i'm looking forward to your post about applying for a japanese visa.share some tips naman

@thepinaysolobackpacker- i thought you're planning to go to china next?

@virgo traveler's itinerary hey there man, i've written a blog entry on how to ace your Japanese visa. As long as you're complete with all your requirements, i don't see any reason why you shouldn't get a visa. But of course, having a day job and showing an employment certificate is a plus point.