Travel Notes from Tokyo, Japan

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I almost missed the train. Well, i did, over and over again. I am about half a day late with what i'm suppose to do for the next few days. This started in Osaka when i roamed around Umeda area first and window shopped at this fantastic 7 story shopping complex, then i got to Sataka for Yanagawa in Fukuoka at around 19:00. Then the next day, roamed some more around Saga Ken. I arrived in Hakata Shinkansen station at around, night time.

So, i didn't make it to Mishima for a trip to Kawaguchi-ko. Instead, plans changed and i was off to Hiroshima to visit Miyajima the next day. As soon as you get to Hiroshima, the vibe changes. With its awful past, you could still see in the eyes of the people here the tragedy that struck them decades ago. When i arrived at Miyajima via ferry, it became so real to me that Hiroshima is trying to forget about the past and move on.

I arrived in Tokyo a few hours later, at night time, very later and very hungry. Met up with Yoshi back in Ikebukuro station. Watched this off key band who was playing this cheesy Japanese tune. Saw a couple of young kids there who were going out for the night. I was very tired. So instead of partying, i headed to one Sushi bar, drank two draft beers and downed a couple of sushi.

Took a hot bath and soaked myself with warm water. As usual, i woke up late again in Japan. The weather was not as cold as it was days before. It was about 20 degrees Celsius outside. And after strolling around the Imperial Palace, home to the Emperor of Japan, i headed back to Shinjuku for a quick shopping spree.

Then, it was a race to catch my flight back to Manila via Tokyo, Narita! Almost missed the train, and instead of using the JR line, i took the express private train to Narita Terminal 2. When i arrived in there at the check in counter of Cathay Pacific, i was told that the flight will be delayed. She said i could fly via Japan Airlines straight from Tokyo to Manila. This was good because you know how expensive it is to fly JAL plus i still have about three plus hours to wander around Narita Airport. So, me and Yoshi grabbed something to eat which was surprisingly cheap and tasty. Shopped some more at Uniqlo and other goodies like Tamago and souvenirs for my folks back home.

The flight was bumpy and half of it was in turbulence. But i think i got used to flying that i already forgot i have fear of flying.

I arrived at Ninoy Aquino International Airport which was hot, smelly and hectic. It's so different here than in Japan. My driver picked me up and i was on my way home.

I missed Manila too, and i will forever be wed to this city but now that i am writing this, i realize we could really use an inspiration on how a country should be governed and disciplined. Japan is a first world country and its such a cool cool place.

I miss the fashionable people, the sushi, the perfect weather and many other things which i will recall again once i write in depth stories of my trip to Japan.


Nilcha said...

so u went to japan... nice.. i'm reading the posts rite now :)

@nilcha! yes ma'am! its great to travel in Japan: for a writer like myself, its one interesting, inspirational place to be at. I love the culture, the people and the scenery. in that order! hope you can go to. you have some nice trips, yourself.

ag. said...

Reading about your journey is so making me wish I was travelling throughout Asia right all sounds so interesting and incredible!

Chyng said...

lucky you for having friends in japan. you havent mention about getting your visa, right?

ps. naaliw ako ha, you were mistaken as japanese! =)

@ag. yes, i love asia forever. i am from asia, and i am blessed to live in a continent where the culture is so rich, food so interesting, the warmth and hospitality of the people, simply amazing! Come back again, i'll be posting stories from Japan!

@Chyng yes, my Japanese friend stayed at my house too when he was in Manila. So, its payback time! ha ha just kiddin. Promise, will post re visa very very soon! Just got tied up with work.

And yes, i still couldn't believe that i was mistaken as a Japanese. I really don't think so. But i saw a couple of locals who are actually tanned and look like a cross-breed! he he

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@Lydia Thanks so much!