A new world, A new day to see (The execution of 3 Filipinos in China)

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Today i woke up to a beautiful morning...
I could feel the warmth of the sun and the excitement that’ll unfold. I am yearning for greater things in the coming days and I am blessed to be able to live such a beautiful life.

Today, three lives will perish.
Today three Filipinos are scheduled for execution in China. 
These people have smuggled illegal drugs in China. 
These people have no idea about the scheduled execution today. 
These people will see their families for the very last time. 
These people will learn that today, they will die. 
These people will never see again the light of day. 

I am staring at a blank space now. I can’t imagine the pain of the families that will be left. I can’t even fathom what’s going through the minds of these people.
I am so broken now. I could feel the numbness of my hands.
I am feeling their pain and their little hope. And I am distraught, so pained. 

We are free to choose. 
We know. 
But we should all be given a chance to change.
We aren’t born perfect.
We are born to realize.
We are born to learn.

Today, I stare at a blank space and realize what life means to me.
Is it the joy of winning? Is it the happiness of riches? Is it the kind of life I am living?

What is the essence of life? Am I living it? 

I said a prayer, a short song that hopefully reaches them in time.
I can’t feel anymore. I am weeping. The tears falling now will hopefully cause less pain for them and their families. But i know, it won't.

Tomorrow, I believe it would be an exciting day for me. A day filled with hope for I can still live the kind of life I want to live. 
Today fueled my thirst for change tomorrow.

Tomorrow, they will become the news.
And soon after that, they will be forgotten.
Their families will mourn over their death. And the nation will hopefully mourn their passing.

Live your lives, people. Live it to the full.

After this, I will walk. Walk and enjoy the day. I will live for the moment. I will live for the best. The sun is shining and tomorrow I’ll see it again. What a beautiful day.

This post is dedicated to the three Filipinos scheduled for execution today in China. Rest in Peace.
Ramon Credo,  Elizabeth Batain, and Sally Villanueva

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Unknown said...

Lawyer Theodore Teh said it best "stop referring to the three OFW's as Drug Mules, they are Human Beings and Filipinos"...Rest in Peace indeed...let us learn from them - tis a lesson, hard to deal with.

Another victims of poverty in the Philippines that was exploited by the vultures.:-(. Rest in Peace.



This made me cry. Buntong hininga.

MheAnne said...

touching entry.

Anonymous said...

I loved these lines:
"But we should all be given a chance to change.
We aren’t born perfect.
We are born to realize.
We are born to learn."

I agree with you. Everybody deserves a second chance especially after realizing our mistakes. Indeed, this is a very touching post. May they all rest in peace.

@Markyramone I hope their story will inspire everyone to think really hard before engaging in anything. May this also open the minds of those who are in charge to make sure our fellowmen who are seeking greener pasture abroad, are safe and secure.

@Bonzenti [Con Tour] Sometimes i think about how people can actually cause pain to other people. It's such a sad fate and truth that we have to accept now.

@Pinoy Adventurista Knowing this news broke me in so many ways. I am now living a more colorful life knowing life is indeed precious.

@Rizalenio I am just seriously touched and moved by what happened. i can never imagine how hard it must be for the families, all the more for the three who just passed away. It's heartbreaking.

@Mhe-anne Ojeda it's my simple tribute to them. i just couldn't contain my emotions anymore. in the office, i was staring nowhere. my office mates actually asked what really happened because they never saw me that sad.

@mylovelylife88 life is all about learnings and realizations. if we know everything already then living may not really matter that much.

AJ said...

Though we should not condone the act, we should have compassion for them. Like you, I could not even begin to imagine what it would feel for them and their families. I just offered my prayers.

Such a touching post, PB.

@AJ Thanks! It's been weeks na since they were executed. Sad news, there are more drug mules being reported in other Asian countries. I just hope we learn something out from this story. But who am i to judge them di ba? We all have the freedom to choose. Sadly their choice was wrong. I still believe everyone deserves a second chance. We aren't all born perfect. Thank you so much, AJ! I love reading your posts, very intelligent points. I have problems, commenting sometimes nag-error. :(