Travel Notes from Manila, Philippines

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By the time you read this, i have already left for Bangkok for my trip to India.
It always pains me to leave my family and friends behind when i'm out there in the unknown. But it's always a pleasure knowing i am seeing the world and not just looking at it. And i thank everyone who understands.

It's been a whirl the past few months, and my trip to India came in such a bittersweet time. Right when i need it the most. I am in need of a re-assurance that my life is somewhere where it's suppose to be. I am going on this trip not just to complete my route around Asia but because i knew this trip would ultimately make me feel assured of my existence and purpose in this world.

I am traveling, in search of light, of passion and of love. I am braving the unknown to look for something i haven't found yet. In this day and age, they call it soul-searching. I begin to realize now more and more, that God will make a way for me to become better. 

It wouldn't be an easy feat but i am looking forward to it. I am eager to be born again and come back armed with the miracles i am yet to appreciate. Life. This is my journey to Re-birth.

I have to be honest, that this maybe the biggest trip of my life. One in which i am quite unsure of what's going to happen. The past few days came and i was getting more and more nervous. Luckily, I've met angels whom have become my constant guide to fulfill my promise. 

I have so many more stories to tell, of my trip to Taiwan and South Korea. And now, India. 

If i find a decent internet shop somewhere where i will be, i will try to post a photo and a short story how my trip has been. I would like to share with everyone, that we control our destiny. It's up to us, to continue living and making the most out of the life God has given us.

I am traveling, hoping that in the next months or years, you guys will be doing the same thing. And that, i know... my trip has succeeded.


kemang~ said...

have a safe trip bro.. :)

I'm so so happy for you Jerik! I can't wait for your stories. I'm betting they'll be awesome :)

Eric said...

You sound to be so serious and spiritual here. However, I am jealous of you 'coz pretty sure you're going to see the Taj Mahal. Post pics of that India's famous landmark here.

have a safe trip! enjoy! :)

Ed said...

hopefully ako rin soon. I'll be able to go on a journey to enlightenment. I'm not sure that will happen next year or the year after that. But I also have big plans for myself next year. Good luck Jerik!

@Kemang when will i see you in Malaysia? I want to see Perhentians and of course, Borneo.

@Pinay Travel Junkie When will you be back in Manila? Let's catch up real soon.

@Eric no words to describe Taj Mahal. I wouldn't be surprised if i see someone crying because it's just so beautiful.

@Pinoy Adventurista Thanks!!! Hope to meet with you guys real soon. Keep traveling!

@Ed I want to go to Cebu again next year. I hope i can meet up with you and Doi! Where will you be going? I am excited for you brother!

borneo tours said...

Traveling to different places help you be aware of your surroundings. There are various regions to visit.

@borneo tours The only question is do i have the time? Cheers!