Travel Notes from Khao San Road, Bangkok, Thailand

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It has been a homecoming for me. I'm right here in Khao San killing time before i am off to the airport for my flight to New Delhi tonight.

Last night, i had the most quiet, yet most rewarding night out with a big 'ol bottle of Chang of course. I've seen more beautiful lady boys than actual girls. And yes, it was a level-up from last time that i was here. I still love Bangkok, and i have seen a couple of stuff i want to buy but i need to pack light for India. Anyway, i have a free day when i return so that should be my agenda.

Also, from the last time i was here, i also become more Thai looking. Now, everyone seems to think i'm from here. I try to disassociate myself from the normal tourist-holding a Lonely Planet book. An old man hugged me like his son in one of the Pad Thai places. I knew i was home.

Since last night, i was going to familiar places and it's such a delight to know my favorite places are still here. I've been spending a little too much but it's okay. By the way, i am staying at the very same guesthouse where i was the last time i was here. Same old, same old... very warm bath and confusing aircondition system. It's only 300 baht, i got what i paid for.

So there... I need to contact my hotel in New Delhi but if i can't because it's 45 baht/min to call international. I am taking my chances and will see later on if i get the taste of Indian surprise.

Surprise me, India. So looking forward to it.

P.S. Can i just say how this keyboard sucks. I am typing really really hard now. Errr. ha ha


Unknown said...

Wow the thrill of traveling always makes you guessing what's waiting for you on your next destination.

Anonymous said...

wow, India! hope to see the TAJ on my computer screen soon! :) enjoy!

Wow you're heading to India! Namaste, I am looking forward to read your travel stories there as India fascinates me lately...

P.S. 'Hope we bumped in Bangkok, I've just been there yesterday.

@Markyramone more alcohol and a lot of chilling. I've become the laziest traveler ever. All i want to do is sit and watch people. I create stories in my head. hehe

@happysole I don't know when i will be posting India as i am leaving again this Saturday. Thanks!!!

@Ian India is enlightening and life-changing. I will never get tired of visiting the country. The people are beautiful inside and out. Namaste!