Travel Notes from New Delhi, India

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Believe me when i say that everything you've heard about India is probably true. I am now in New Delhi and i cannot explain how tantric this city is. The minute i stepped outside the airport, i was already smoking with an Indian police. It's been almost three days that i am roaming around in New Delhi and i actually love it.

It's cold out here, about 12-15 degrees in the morning and at night. The pollution is just awful and i think i stepped on cow poop. I have so many photos i can't wait to share with everyone.

Everyday seems a new learning experience for me which i would like to share with you guys when i properly blog about India. A change of plan happened and i already went to Taj Mahal yesterday. I had goosebumps as soon as i walked leading towards the gate. It's like heaven, really. I've never seen a more beautiful palace in my entire life. And dare i say, India is probably the most beautiful country i've seen so far.

I've been only here a few days, but my experiences riding the butt-numbing bus, the spiritual driver i hired for a day tour and the many Israeli friends i've met have become part already of my journey. At the Taj Mahal, i felt sad knowing i could have enjoyed this amazing place with the people i love the most. I guess, in this lifetime, my job is to share it with them first.

I've been drinking Kingfisher Strong 650ml non-stop and i love it. I have a clock here and i am a bit confused what time really is. I don't have a watch nor a guide book. I ask people around where to go, and luckily i've had incredible suggestions which i might follow. This is why i don't like making plans, because if i did, my story would have been different.

I am riding the train to Varanasi tonight 18:45. I will arrive there by half past seven in the morning the next day. I am mentally, physically and spiritually prepared. I've been waiting my whole life for this moment. And i think, it's time for me to be born again.

When i have the time, i want to share with you the most unexpected but most heartfelt advice i've ever received from new Indian friend, Suraj. He said, we are all selfish. We only think of ourselves. He left the note that right at this very moment, God has paved away to bring happiness and answers to one person. I knew this would happen. To give back his kindness, i gave him my ultimate Pinoy Boy advice. He liked the Japanese girl at my back. I gave him my 1000 Yen bill and told him to ask the girl if she knows where she can exchange the bill. ha ha ha It didn't go out the way it's planned but it's fun.

The reason why people who go to India never forget the place, is not because of Taj Mahal (It's beautiful and all) and the temples but the people you see on the streets, the people you talk to... They pierce your hearts with their eyes. They see you, honest, truthful, and patient. I can never lie.


Ren said...

Hi, cant wait to hear more from you about India! Keep on writing! :)

no wonder India has always been a great challenge for an Amazing Race episode - traffic is crazy there yet it has an incredible places waiting to be discovered.

love the post, jerik! let's talk when you get back... i'm dying to see india! :)

Ed said...

I'm excited about your articles on India. and I admire this style of writing - happening as it is and very raw. excited nako sa mga posts mo!

Anonymous said...


@Janggel Thanks so much! Watch out for India entries real soon. Keep reading Pinoy Boy Journals

@Ian | Going Places What you think about India, multiply it 10 times, that's the real India. It'll change your life forever!

@monette | fliptravels hmmm, it seems fliptravels have a plan this coming year! Go!

@Ed i have to write them soon baka makalimutan ko bai! he he by the way, congratulations on the nomination! kaya yan! soon, ikaw rin! Di siya mahal, and di siya nakakatakot. Pagbalik mo, ibang tao ka na!

Anonymous said...

Can you share details about visa on arrival for filipinos? How did u obtain ur indian visa?thanks

@Anonymous It's Visa on Arrival. Just bring all the necessary documents with your photo, and the visa fee. They'll stamp your passport right away. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to visit Delhi from Kathmandu in September.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to visit Delhi from Kathmandu in September.

@Anonymous Must be an epic trip!!!