Pinoy Boy Journals Travel Video to India

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Location: Pahar Ganj, New Delhi, India


Eric said...

I am jealous of pics later...of course don't forget to visit the famous landmark of India Taj Mahal.
Try trekking northern part of India, I saw some movies that its a beautiful place to visit..close to nature.

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As of now, I'm excited to know you India trip stories... India is an interesting country to visit.

@Eric I know, Northern Japan is a must to see. I will do that soon when i come back. Also, Southern India. Kerala is what everyone's talking about.

@Ian | Going Places India is enlightening, exotic and blessed. Can't wait to go back! Hopefully, next year!

Jay said...

Hello, how did you do the vid effects. It's amazing! I'm watching all your vids on Youtube right now

@Jay Effect all c/o YouTube. Thanks a lot!