I am Now a Brand Ambassador / Pinoy Boy Journals x HTC Explorer

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There are good news and there are great news. 

Before the year ends, I've got one big surprise for everyone.

Tonight was the launch of HTC's latest entry level smart phone called HTC Explorer. And i was just officially named its brand ambassador.

To HTC Philippines, thank you for the opportunity to share my greatest passion in life with everyone. As I said earlier tonight, having this phone is like having an adventure all on its own.

You know the feeling of your first?

You will never forget it.

HTC Explorer, it surely feels like the first time.

As a backpacker, i pack light... but i pack with power.

I've made the right choice!

I will just doze off tonight, and plan my next trip so i can take this buddy of mine right to where it belongs... in the wild.



Is this the start of your celebrity status? Congratulations!

soloflightEd said...

Congrats Jerik! You're probably the most underrated travel blogger I know. It's time somebody recognizes your passion for travelling.

During my trip to Kuala Lumpur, one friend was happily listening to tunes in his iPod Touch while the another friend watched an episode of Gossip Girl on her HTC Desire. On the other hand, I had to make do with playing Snake in my Nokia phone. hehe.

HTC is one of the brands I'm considering but then that will have to take some time as I'm still saving for my travels. :D

Congrats again and continue to keep it raw!

Wow!Congrats pinoyboy!

congrats Jerik!

blissfulguro said...

wow congrats! magpapa-raffle ka ba bilang ambassador ka naman? hehe

Bonggaaaa Jerik! Congrats :)

@Ian di naman. Lagi naman ako wala sa radar. Hope i do the brand justice. I am proud to be an ambassador. Thanks!

2soloflightEd Thanks as always, Ed. You've been very kind with your words. Thanks again. Cheers to more trips this 2012! :)

@killerfillers thanks so much! Keep reading the blog. It's aliiiive! hehe

@My Nomadic Habits thanks po! :)

@blissfulguro There will be some exciting changes next year. Watch out for it. Thanks! :)

2Pinay Travel Junkie Thanks so much, Gay! Alam niyo naman kayong dalawa ni Flip ang idols ko. Cheers and be safe always! Take care! Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family! :)

vin said...

wow! htc explorer = pinoy boy journals. match na match. congratulations jerik!

flipnomad said...

congrats jerik!!!

@Vin Thanks Vin! Highly appreciate it, buddy!

Thanks Plif! Where are you man?

Unknown said...

Hi Jerick how have you been doing?
My my...took me a year to drop by again. I literally abandoned my old blog iloveshabbylove. But Im back on my new so Im following you again and will surely dedicate time to read more of your trips.

P.S Yes HTC is quietly brilliant cuz I own one...and loving it so much.

Drop by at my new blog when you have time.


Hey Rc!

Yes! Unfortunately, me too. I haven't blogged since January and i'm slowly picking up the pieces again. It's time to re-start my life and my online world. Can't wait to blog again. Wishing for more trips to come, so i have more stories to tell. ;)