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A lot of people say that 2011 was forgettable. Last night, my friends called it the worst year ever. I say, it's one year i will never forget. 2011 for me was a year of accomplishments and opportunities to prosper and grow as a human being. I've become selfless, eager and determined to make sure the goals i set come into fruition. I've matured as a person and as a  traveler. I couldn't ask for more.

If 2009 was a year of excitement and many firsts and 2010 was a year of dreams coming true, 2011 was the year where i definitely kicked ass in the travel department. Here's why.

Calatagan, Batangas, Philippines

I'm on my second year working in advertising , and there's no better way to start the year with a bang, than to go and party at the beach. It's not my first time in Calatagan, Batangas. But it's the first time, I've had a real trip with my office mates. I blogged how it felt to travel with officemates, while i came up with a bittersweet story about an Old boat and the Sea. Nonetheless, The Beach House is the perfect setting for an unforgettable first month of the year.

Kowloon, Hong Kong, Republic of China

It's my second time in Hong Kong, and it surely felt like the first time. The weather was absolutely perfect, and i had a grand time because i was with my sister. Eventually, she became addicted to traveling, too. Ever since i came to this region, i immediately fell in love with the vibe. It has the perfect mix of what i look for when i go on trips; rich pop culture, awesome nightlife, great shopping, cool people, and exquisite food. Although there's a couple of misses like the cons you will meet in the streets, and those jacked up $20 beers, it's still a fun country to visit.

Macau, Republic of China

Roughly 88% (approximation) of those traveling to Hong Kong, visit Macau overnight or on day trips. Again, this is my second time in Casino land, and although i didn't lose any money because i didn't bet on any, i found myself on new territories and new cool places to check out. If you've got 24 hours, this is what you have to do.

Cagbalete Island, Quezon, Philippines

I've heard about this island too many times but never had a chance to go there, until this year. Because of its proximity to Manila, i figured why i haven't traveled to Cagbalete Island? For those seeking for adventure with your friends, check this island out and discover why now, more and more tourists call this place their own slice of paradise. But the government really needs to do something about the safety of the passenger boats ripping the waters heading here. 

Nueva Valencia, Guimaras, Philippines

After a couple of years missing my first love, it's time i go back where i truly belong. The first time i went to this island, i immediately felt welcomed. It's my top destination in the Philippines, and up until now my mind hasn't changed. Sharing the same vision, i tagged my friends along on the trip. It was a new adventure for me, with first dibs on the art of fishing. Luckily, my friend was able to catch a huge blue marlin, which turned out to be our lunch-dinner-breakfast-lunch. I can't believe i actually went back after missing Guimaras for more than 1,460 days. 

Camotes Island, Cebu, Philippines

I've always said time and again, Cebu is truly blessed. This province boasts of all the superlatives, and visiting Camotes Island proved to be one of my greatest achievements this year. I already stopped counting the number of white sandy beaches here. I rode the motorcycle in search of the perfect beach, and when i found it, i couldn't believe my eyes. It was that beautiful. With one day to kill time around Cebu City, I've had only one word in my mind... Shangri-la!

Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China

Two years in the making, finally.  I was able to travel to this North East Asian country known for its delicious dimsums, and of course, the mighty Taroko Gorge. I've had many instances of planning to go to Taiwan, but this time around, i knew i had to go. Taiwan is one of the biggest surprise hit this year. It's such an underrated country in the region, but it's really such a delight to visit. I've crossed that hundred fifty-foot bridge, got amazed at the gorges lined up like scuplted art works in Taroko, and ate my words when i said i won't eat pork (the food is that delicious). 

Bilogo, Batangas, Philippines

Have you heard of Bilogo in Batangas? I hear cricket sounds. Yes? Yes! It's time for the boys to hit the road, and rough it up down south of Manila. Days were spent drinking, relaxing with its explainable cool July weather, and of course, karaoke non-stop. I've had my days of solitude but it was also a great time to bond with new found friends. Cheers, boys!

Seoul, South Korea

A few months ago, i started to run. It's such a great work-out to strengthen my muscles and lose weight. This comes in handy whenever i rough it up on trips like when i am trekking in Thailand or crossing the angry waters of Biri, Samar, Philippines. It's also time for me to do something different when i'm out of the country. As i continue navigating North East Asia, i headed to South Korea in August. This trip is so packed with many firsts. One thing's for sure, it's definitely hot in Seoul. I went to the most dangerous demilitarized border in the world, stalked beautiful Korean babes in Hongdae, downed too many Soju shots while watching the sunset over Han River, and going to one of the biggest theme parks in South Korea, only to find out it's closed... on a Sunday. Wow!

Kalanggaman Island, Leyte, Philippines

It's time for me to go back to my beloved country and travel where MacArthur landed - Leyte. This time, to check out this hidden paradise called Kalanggaman Island. I thought Bantayan was incomparable but Kalanggaman is a different class. It's beautiful from all angles, and camping the night away was a good way to fully explore this charming island. Watching the sunrise and sunset made me realize the things i would do for the things i love. This is my first camping trip in two years, and now i know why I've always been curious. It feels like a match made in heaven.

Varanasi, India

I came to India to die... and be born again. This is probably the greatest trip of my 2011, and my life. I will go on forever telling you tales of my adventures in this country, but i would like to leave it to you guys to experience it for yourself. The memories of prayer and song, of death and life, of love and passion, of tragedy and disappointment, and of victory and acceptance are ell etched in my mind. I came to India with a purpose, i left with an answer. 

Biri, Northern Samar, Philippines

Photo Courtesy of Glenn Lalogan

Before the year ended, I've had the privilege to visit for the first time, Northern Samar. I will not be hypocrite and say it was the best. It has its share of awesome adventure, but i will never forget this province because i almost lost my life when i was crossing the Biri Rock Formations. I wrote a short note while on the boat coming back... 

"I will never hold grudge that you wanted to take my life...I will not speak ill of you for it's not right. I tried to love you but you didn't love me back. If this is what it is, i shall never see you again." FIN

Matnog. Sorsogon, Philippines

 Photo Courtesy of Glenn Lalogan

At the same time, reading my fellow bloggers' review of Subic beach made a lasting impression on me so i visited Sorsogon province, and made my way to Matnog en route to Subic Beach. If you're not from the Philippines, and you're reading this, there's no other place to go to this 2012 but in Subic Beach. It's absolutely gorgeous there!

HTC Philippines Brand Ambassador for Explorer

It's funny how God works in mysterious ways. I've always shared on this site my passion to inspire and let other people know the wonders of traveling. I thank HTC Philippines  for making it easier for me to reach more people with my vocation to inspire people to travel the world. Last December 7, i was officially announced as the brand ambassador for HTC Explorer, together with my colleagues Patti Mallari and Christy Monastrial from Life's My Trip. It's one of my greatest achievements in life, and will forever be thankful for making me an instrument to share my thoughts and inspire other people. It's time to explore, guys!

The Phoenix has risen.

I wanted to end 2011 with a promise i made for myself. I shall die but will be born again. Like a Phoenix's life, my life is about re-birth. I am born to live. I am born to survive. I got my first tattoo a few days before 2011 ends.

May we all have a blessed and fruitful 2012! Cheers to new beginnings and happy endings. It's time!

Dear Lord,

You've showered me with so much blessings that i am afraid i cannot reciprocate. Thank you for showing me the kindness of men. Thank you for showing me the beautiful side of sadness and grief. The travels i've had in the year has made me the better person that i am today.


Happy New Year from Pinoy Boy Journals!


hana said...

ay di ka mashadong busy...


have a happy new yer sa yo ^^

chino said...

hi jerik, manigong bagong taon!

Unknown said...

econgrats its a great year for you, icing on the cake was the tattoo and the HTC phone heh

Chyng said...

hardcore! your india trip is really an immersion. nobody does it like you do. happy new year jerik!

Loved reading about your (mis)adventures :-) Thanks for all the tips you've given especially about visiting India. I've been dying to go since 2005 but somehow, it always eludes me :-)

Cheers and here's to even a better 2012 :-) Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

nice one man

Bigtime endorser! So jealous of your Kalanggaman adventure!

Hanep yung India trip mo sir..congrats sa endorsement and happy new year!:)

grabe... ang dami mong napuntahan... gusto ko yung India... nice!

Cheers for more travels and blessings this year! :)

blissfulguro said...

whose ass is it again? hihi... kick more this year!

Inggit ako sa India trip! Hehe pero may wish ako na destination na puntahan mo this year: PANGASINAN :P

Natawa naman ako dun sa Seoul trip mo. Close pala ang mga theme parks sa Korea 'pag Sunday? Nyek. But now I know. I won't make the same mistake. Hehe. Peace.

Sayang di ko nasundan yung journey mo. Pero this 2012, abangan ko mga posts mo 'pag di ako busy. :)

Wow naman, bigatin. HTC ambassador ka pala. Ikaw na! So kelan labas ng billboard?


Congrats sa mga achievements, Jerik! Happy 2012! Keep exploring and stay safe.

Happy new year to you too! Keep reading! :)

Mabuhay at mas marami ka pa sanang biyahe, Chino! Salamat!

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Thanks Chyng! Nagulat din ako nakalbo ako! hehe di ko makilala sarili ko after! hahahaha

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Wow! Thanks for your kind words. Yes, you have to visit India. The trip will change your life forever! Looking forward to reading more of your entries. Thanks again!

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Thanks Gay! When will you come back? Mag-vivideoke pa tayo!!! hehe

Thanks!!! I feel honored and blessed. :)

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Thanks bro! Ayos ang pasok ng bagong taon! Sana makasama ako minsan sa mga biyahe niyo!

You have an awesome 2012, bro!

Pinoy Adventurista, you know i've been reading a lot of your entries, and your Occidental Mindoro posts really helped me a lot sort out my plan for the trip. Thanks and more power!

Thanks to you!!! Yeahhh! Cheers and may we all have more awesome trips this 2012!

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Promise Mica! This 2012, babalik ako Pangasinan! hehe Thanks!!!

Thanks Hoobert! Wala naman billboard. hehe It's been a busy 2011, and i hope to have more time to blog about my trips. Sobrang backlog from last year at May pa! wow! Keep reading! :)

Thanks Rizalenio! More trips to you this 2012! Salamat sa suporta! :)

Congratulations... your 2011 has been a great year of travel! I envy your monthly trips. How I wish to experience the same... Kalaggaman Island is stunning - good opener to see Leyte province. India is fascinating... looks like your trip is kinda a spiritual and self journey.

Eric said...

You Kalanggaman trip is what I am looking forward to do soon when I get home....nice to seeing you blogging again.

Eric said...

You Kalanggaman trip is what I am looking forward to do soon when I get home....nice to seeing you blogging again.

nice place and photos.. :)

Great experience in your life !

Wow nice traveling !! more travels to come to you :)

Flip said...

Congrats! Your experienced travel in different places and country. Visit Thank you!

Nice article and i enjoyed viewing your pictures too.

yes. my kind of trip has changed dramatically. as a person and as a traveler, i've matured and prefer quiet, off the beaten path places than crowded touristy places. although, i still mix a bit of fun in every trip i have. Thanks Ian!

Eric, when are you coming back to the Philippines? It's worth the wait and the trip to Kalanggaman should be awesome! Have a great time!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you so much! All the best this second half of the year. :)


Thanks! :)