The Ultimate Travel Guide to Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines Part 2

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How to describe a Paradise?
Is it about describing a white sand beach, or crystal clear blue waters? Is it the feeling of being in touch with nature in a tropical setting? Are there coconuts? Some palm trees, perhaps? 

If Paradise could be described in one word, i would probably's Bantayan! Born out of sheer blessing from God, this island is by far the most perfect one i've seen in my five years of traveling around Asia. 

This quiet fishing village is now beginning to have its share of exposure by means of lone searchers like me eager to find the next unspoiled beach. Although, on the opposite side, Malapascua has become the more popular route for travelers, Bantayan has a unique charm that's just incomparable.

For days, this is always the first sight whenever i wake up in the morning. And i could go on and on about how white the sand is, or how i follow closely the changing tides, but in reality, it's just plain and simple, it's the most beautiful place on earth. 

I stayed at one of the lovely cottages of Kota Beach Resort. Although, there are many new resorts now along the coast of Bantayan Island, from expensive and popular ones like Sta. Fe and Bernard to lesser, unknown resorts, in the north of the Island, I certainly chose this spot because it is at this beachfront where the shore changes.

Have Fun In the Sun!
The coast of Bantayan is the perfect getaway for people who like to avoid the crowds. The number of tourists flocking to Bantayan are mostly couples on their honeymoons, locals from Cebu City and Manila, and of course, expats, who chose to call this island their home. 

If you wish to do outdoor sports, you can make it happen. Most of the people here are tuned into skim boarding, kite flying, and jet ski.

I spent the rest of my days here drinking beer while listening to the calm sounds of little waves crashing the shore. The sand is as pure as it can get, with relatively very few people in sight, one could spend the rest of the day absolutely looking at the horizon and not getting bored.

How is the food?
Food is moderately priced and usually boasts of Portugese, Continental and a flair of Asian/Filipino cuisine. Because Bantayan is an hour boat trip from Sta. Fe central, prices are a little higher but still affordable. The people manning the restaurants are the friendliest in the whole province. They're charming, and are open for a chat. 

How are the accommodations?
For a cottage like this, which you can share with up to six people, it is about P2000 or roughly $35+ for a night, which is not so bad once you've shared your part. It's an A/C room with clean bathroom and double beds. The best part is, it's right smack by the beach, so anytime of the day, you have a commanding view. For shoe stringers, there's about less than P500/rooms or about $10 near the town center.

For those who dream of invigorating yourself from the stress of city life, i couldn't suggest a far batter place to de-stress than in Bantayan.

As i said in the previous post, once you get here you would just simply say, it's worth it. In my case, i didn't even complain because i already knew that once i get to this place, i will not know why or how, but i will love it for sure.

For more information about Bantayan Island, click this site called WowBantayan

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines Part 1


Parker said...

Nice beach! Would have been great if you posted images of the accommodations.

man, love the beach! i haven't been Bantayan. hmmm? lets compare that to the beaches of palawan..haha

hey there black cat, so nice of you to visit my blog. yes, i should have. its not spectacular. anyway, most of the time, i was out anyway. and the times when i'm in the room, i'm drunk anyway. he he =)

hi james! i haven't been to palawan. i bet its a totally different world out there. the beaches of palawan are supposed to be the best in the world. Even lonely planet says so! man, been following your adventure. i never knew one could possibly do your trip around Visayas and back to Manila at that cost. Wow!


Nice photos Jerik :D

wow!!! thanks Ingrid! how are you??? last time we saw each other was lora's wedding? let's hang out soon!!! ;)

wow nice pictures of bantayan... definitely the mst beautiful beach in the philippines... I agree. I long to visit this island.

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@Ian hey Ian, you have to go there. So far, this is the most beautiful beach i have ever been to! I couldn't ask for more. It's top of my list! Everyone should go there!!!

@Pinoy Boy: I heard the major hurdle in visitng Bantayan is the transpo that can last for 4 hours from airport to the island.

Anyway, care for link ex?

it's not fast, more or less yeah after four hours you're in paradise. but if you think about it, i spend close to four hours everyday due to traffic! Yes, sure will link your site! by the way, cool blog! i haven't been to Hawaii. if there's one place i'm dying to go to in the US, it's Hawaii! Nice!!!

Thanks for visiting, I have already linked your site...

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Hi Ian! So sorry just got back from a trip to Siquijor and Negros province. I will link your site now! Thanks very much!

Akiko said...

So cool! Keep on posting more of your adventures, surely i follow and bookmark your pages. :)

@akiko Please do and share this site to your friends and family, pass on the inspiration to travel! Thanks!

Eric said...

White sand it.

Yes! i am a beach lover so imagine how happy i was when i set foot in the lovely beaches of Bantayan! One epic trip! Thanks Eric! :)