The Incredible List of Places to Visit in Marinduque, Philippines

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Boac Cathedral-Brgy. Mataas na Bayan
Shrine of Our Lady of Biglang-Awa-Brgy. Mataas na Bayan
Marinduque Museum-Brgy. Malusak
Boac Old Houses-Poblacion
Kabugsakan Falls-Brgy. Tugos
Ginaras Falls and Duyay Caves-Brgy. Duyay
Butterfly Farms-Brgy. Bunganay, Cawit and Amolngon
Hinulugan Falls-Brgy Sabong


Tres Reyes Islands-Brgy. Pinggan
Talao Caves-Brgy. Tigulon
Handicraft Factories-Brgy. Bangbang and Dawis
Butterlfy Farms-Brgy. Pangi and Uno


Mt. Malindig-Brgy. Sihi
Malbog Sulfur Spring-Brgy. Malbog
Marinduque Hot Spring Resort-Brgy. Malbog
Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto-Brgy. Bagtingon


Poctoy White Beach-Brgy. Poctoy
Pulang Lupa Battle Shrine-Brgy. Cagpo
Torrijos Handbloom Factory-Brgy. Matuyatuya and Bonliw
Bulusukan Falls-Brgy. Sibuyao

Sta. Cruz

Sta. Cruz Church-Brgy. Pag-Asa
Bathala Caves-Brgy. Ipil
Kawa-Kawa Falls-Brgy. Bangcuangan
Sta. Cruz Islands-Brgy. Polo, Maniwaya and Mompong
Provincial Agricultural Training Center-Brgy. Tamayo
Bagakawa Falls-Brgy. Tambangan


Balanacan Natural Harbor-Brgy. Balanacan
Natangco Reefs-Brgy. Silangan
Paadjao Falls-Brgy. Bocboc
Tarug Cave-Brgy. Tarug
Luzon Datum of 1911-Brgy. Hinangayon


Marco said...

How much ang bus fare to Marinduque from Manila?

@Marco hey man i guess you have to pay only bus fare from Manila to Quezon ferry port. Then pay the ferry ticket to any part of Marinduque. I think it shouldn't cost you more than P500 for both bus and ferry one way. Click on my other entry regarding Marinduque. It's also great there!

deadtired said...

Hi! I found your blog about Marinduque interesting since I’ll be going to province myself on the third week of January. Can you please help me out on some stuff like giving tips on travelling around the province and the best places to visit there? I’m planning a DIY trip just like yours and would like to go around the 6 municipalities in the most convenient way. Wish you can help me in a way. Thanks in advance. :)

@deadtired well, Marinduque is special just because the people, the scenery is simply outstanding. it's also a very small province, and experiencing the best of every town may just take you a few days to roam around. i highly suggest Poctoy beach for its white sandy beach and colorful nightlife. Boac is cool, and drinking cheap beer and good food is a must. accommodations are cheap too, and it shouldn't cost you more than P400 for a night. Just look around. Gasan is where i stayed the longest, lounging in the different islets near Tres Reyes. I also found Sta. Cruz cool and quite different from the rest of the towns. There's just so much to see anywhere in Marinduque. And hitching a ride on top of a Jeepney is an experience like no other. I can still remember the feeling, and it's unforgettable. You pass by rice paddies, old house, quaint baranggays and you get to wave at all the people. The kids are adorable. Read my stories on the different towns of Marinduque. If you have some more question, just let me know. Would love to help out!

Anonymous said...

can we post some pics of bagakawa falls in this site?

@anonymous hi there! no problem, just send me the photo and if there's an article about it. This blog is a non-profit, non-commercial blog so feel free to contribute. no worries! i will be waiting, just send me an e-mail! thanks!

Pusang gala said...

Hi.wud u b kind enaf to show me ur itinerary n expenses? im planin to go dis comin march for a week. pls email me at im planin to travel alone. and im frm manila.tnx in advance. god bles.

@Pusang Gala yes, i'll try to re-draft my itinerary for you + expenses. Will send you an e-mail soon! You will love Marinduque, for sure!

Ivan said...

me too sir jerik. haha. penge din ng IT + expenses. lalo na yung mga pamasahe. salamat in advance.

@Ivan i'll find time ha. super busy lang talaga sa work ngayon! pero more or less, i think i didn't spend more than P5000 for 1-week stay. and to think i was almost always drinking every night. super cheap ng lahat. rough estimate. accommodations would be less than P300/night , food would be around P100 and everything else is cheap na! I'll try to draft my itinerary.

Anonymous said...

I was inspired by the movie "Into the wild" to travel alone. And I've read blogs about the benefits you'll get particularly self-awareness.

Though, I don't have money for I'm just a poor college student LOL. I want to be a backpacker.

More travels to come~ :)

@Anonymous Don't say that. I believe it's not really about the destination but it's the trip going there. You could go two blocks away and have a blessed and mind blowing trip. With the advent of cheap airfares and hostel accommodations as well as couch surfing, your money can go a long long way. More trips for you as well. Continue fueling your passion for traveling. It's the secret of every backpacker in the world! Thanks so much! Hope to see you more here in this blog.

Anonymous said...

Pls send me your itinerary too!

@jeninesemilla it's holy week again, Moriones Festival is a must experience. Be prepared though, it's going to be tough getting there. with relatively poor management of the port, everyone just want to go to Marinduque. Be there early, i mean really early and fall in line ASAP. As advised, there are some ferry personnel wearing blue shirts, talk to them. you can actually pay for your ticket once you get to the boat. no more falling in line! I'll do my best to look for my Marinduque itinerary.

Anonymous said...

hope i can have ur itinerary + expenses incurred.
pls revert with me soonest if possible.
my email add is

thanks in advance.


@luci will try to draft and itinerary plus expenses. i'm just a little pressed for time. office boy kasi but yes, will surely e-mail you something one of these days. by the way, when is your trip to Marinduque?

Iyamae said...

Hi Pa-email din po ng expenses and itinerary

lyamae! Unfortunately, i don't have an itinerary when i went to Marinduque. My goal was just to circumnavigate the whole province. You don't have to spend much if you're not staying in Bella Roca. Otherwise, a P500 budget per day is enough. Yes! (Accommodations included)

Anonymous said...

pls give me also ur itinerary + expenses too

Thanks guys for reading this entry. Hope you all had a great vacation in Marinduque. Cheers, and mabuhay!