4 People You will Meet in Avenue of Stars, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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ALL-TIME FAVORITE POST FROM 2010 RE-BLOGGED: It's crowded, it's hectic and it's the most traveled destination in Hong Kong. But still, i love every single time I'm here! I've always been fascinated with Hong Kong Cinema and my most favorite films of all time like 'In the mood for love' and 'Chungking Express' among others have been written, directed and shot in this country. So, going to this massive tourist hot spot in Hong Kong is like going to my mother ship. It's my fourth time in total, exploring the famous Avenue of Stars. I felt my creative veins pumping blood of stories as i walked along this avenue. I felt the energy and i am so inspired.

"I sat at one of the wooden benches, finding inspiration for a film i've been meaning to write. I didn't have a premise nor a storyline. It didn't have a beginning nor an ending. But it was such a beautiful day to dream and realize that i found myself traveling far and wide in my mind. I soon discovered that there are four types of people in Hong Kong which i would like to share with you all. 

The fun loving tourist 
In Avenue of Stars, all tourists flock to have their photos taken right on the very same spot where a million others have already snapped their souvenir photos. It's not unusual but it's certainly isn't wrong, even for extreme backpackers. The tourists find themselves amazed by the beauty of the location, they pulsate towards out of this world structures like for example, this director statue. I have a photo with this guy too. I just realized how each and everyone of us dream of becoming superstars. We just don't admit it but by the way we actuate, we love the limelight. We aspire for the Hollywood celebrities' life whose photos are plastered all over the world. We crave for attention.

The busy-ness men and women 
They walk in Avenue of Stars because it's the closer route going to the train station. They walk around amidst a crowd of European and Asian men and women. They don't think about them tourists. They don't care about where they're from or how long they are staying. Sometimes, they even get irritated for us tourists have already taken a few seconds of their precious time by just walking in front of them. These people live for the time spent not stopping by and taking it all in, but living the real world. The world whose life starts once you clock in at work. The amount of time spent at work equals the value of one's life. Sometimes, they walk in tandem but most of the time they only say a few lines like "the weather is good today!" or "what should i have for dinner?" They are busy and they actually enjoy it!

The lonely soul-searcher
You could be a 20-something fresh graduate and you're soul searching or you could be a 70-year old widower and you're soul searching, too. These people are quiet, calm and dreaming. They live for every second time spent wondering and wandering about their past, their present and their future. I am like them most of the time. I am proud of that. The soul searcher will never find what they're looking for because on the hindsight of things, they have nothing to look for. They are secretly happy about their life, trying to find meaning in their supposedly sad life. Next time you see one of them, don't feel sad for they have truly upped their way of thinking. They are living the best days of their lives.

The Hungry-hippies
They look for the latest exchange of USD to HKD, they are eager and aggressive to climb the corporate ladder. They aren't careful of other's feelings, they are hungry for power and money. They walk care-freely because they are irreplaceable in the company. Who cares if they are late for half an hour or an hour, no one knows how to do what they do. They are far superior among their colleagues and they like to keep it that way. But deep inside, they try to achieve what others cannot because they are afraid, very afraid. They need to invest in money and power because they don't want to come back home in the far west empty handed. Yes, they will rule the world in the greatest sense, but they will never rule themselves.


Ang sarap magliwaliw sa lugar na to at ganda ng vantage point sa harbour, dito yata kami nanood noon ng Symphony of Lights.

@lakwatsera de primera yes, ang ganda pa ng weather nung nagpunta ako. pramis nakagawa talaga ako ng screenplay. isusulat ko na lang script. grabe inspiration overload. babalik ako dito. ang dami kong naiisip. Di ko pa napopost yung symphony of lights. he he pero dito rin yun!

Ren said...

Hong Kong and Taiwan is one of my "wish list to go for travel " country.. :)

Anonymous said...

I think I will linger here when I visit Hong Kong by the end of June. I love 'peoplewatching'.

Unknown said...

Jan ba yung istatwa ni Bruce Lee? I'll definitely enjoy taking photographs there :)

@lakwatsera de primera yes! dito nga! i have a separate post for the symphony of lights. no time yet to blog pero yes, i love it. happy ka lang pag nandito ka! how are you?

@Janggel Yes! Hope you can travel there soon! it's really beautiful. most of all, it's never boring. i'm going to Taiwan next month. i'm pretty excited about it. Although, i haven't researched yet so i'm excited to know what's hip and happening in Taipei!

@neldeleon perfect place to people watch. i always do that. it gives me a sense of peace and tranquility. i get to think a lot when I'm there.

@Markyramone yes man! nandun si bruce lee! take many photos! ha ha ha enjoy ka brad!!!

wow after Japan... Hong Kong this time! Asia's world city!

@Ian Yes! I thought of re-posting this story because this was one of the trips that made me love even more that idea that i could really travel the world. Enjoy your travels, Ian!