3 Party Rules to Remember in Bangkok, Thailand

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STORY: Why do people go back again and again to Thailand? 

I, for one, find it fascinating to visit the country where prostitution is almost legal, shopping is extremely cheap, food very flavorful, nightlife unlike anywhere else in the world, and respect for the king so admirable.

Welcome to Bangkok, good time city. It is the center of backpack traveling around Asia - straight flights, connecting flights from Europe and the Americas to Asia. BKK, where it's never tiring to visit again, and again. There's good time memories with the people you love. And the food and nightlife in the city of angels is superb.

A survival guide to making most out of your food and drinks in BKK

1. Set Your mood. 

Where do you want to go? What do you wanna do? Do you want to spend your night in a chill out place, play hoops or dance the night away in rockin' club? Do you want to drink and eat? Or do you just want to drink piss all night long. No problem with that. If so, there are heaps of places you can scoot for cheep beers like Chang for about less than a 100 baht. Cocktails are priced a little higher, and buckets are necessary when you're with a group of friends. Share for a bucket and it is priced around 250 Baht - cheaper and stronger. Along Khao San Road, it's your game. Wherever you go, find one that suits your budget and a place you like to hang out at for a while. There's a club upstairs where they play mean sets of jungle/drum n' bass. Along the streets, you'll find percussionists and young local musicians with their guitars, and their cover of western cowboy hits. 

2. Go ahead and multiply. 
Go and hang around. No problem with most backpackers i know. People tend to be friendly when they're traveling but for first timers, it's always a pleasant surprise that most people will introduce themselves and offer you company. Don't be a snob. Make love not war. Spread friendships from around the world. A simple "What's goin' on", matters a lot. Ask someone to join your group, or better yet, join a group. Remember everything is cheaper when you're traveling with a group.

EXCLUSIVE: The last time i was in BKK this year, there was a commotion goin' on along Khao San Road specifically in front of the underground club where i was at. A few minutes later, the police came to rescue a drunk foreigner with blood on the forehead. Talks around say he was in a brawl with a fellow tourist. So, avoid anything that'll lead to trouble. The next day, i saw him walking around with plasters/bandages in his head.

3. Get your drink, buddy!  

Mine.. it's Chang all the way. I first tasted this ultimate Thai trip when i was in Krabi in 2009. I asked the waiter named CHANG, i have no idea about Thai alcohol, to help me choose the best beer in Thailand as i am a beer drinker. He said, "Chang!" Funny one. Chang is quite the beer, tasty a little bitter which i like more. It comes in medium bottles and large ones like this. Cheaper if you buy at 7/11 for about 80 baht for a big bottle. Only in Thailand, SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT!

While drinking, it's best to try some local cuisine. If you're comparing it to Filipino food, it's tastier and definitely spicier. I don't know anything about food, what's succulent, stuff like that. I just east food that tastes really good. Chicken Pandan, a personal favorite is chicken cooked in wrapped Pandan Leaves with oyster soy sauce. Had two cups with it. 10/10 If you're on a tight budget, you can buy fried fish, pork or beef barbecue and plain rice. There's always Thai fried rice, and banana cakes as strong alternatives.

Bangkok is a city that never sleeps. All day long you can buy street food, or you might order burgers and fries for a change. Note the drinking never stops. Happy hour is the best! There's something about 5PM drinking that sets everything right. If you're out the whole night, chances are you'll be spending away your Baht. Unless you stay in a hostel/guesthouse around the area, save a couple baht for a tuk-tuk ride home.

For more information on what's cruisin' around BKK the time you're going, visit the following sites below:



din said...

hi! just want to ask where was the chicken pandan pic taken? :) thanks!

Hey mate,

the chicken pandan photo was taken in lumphini open market. was hungry and was around the area. I tell you, its really good. I mean really really good. Its about a hundred baht and you can find chicken pandan dish around the food stalls. you get to order, the food is brought to your table. you watch performers on stage from a far, listen to music and enjoy thai food!

if you have questions, would be glad to answer.

Cheers Din!

Well, there it is.

Reasons why people just keep on coming back to Thailand.

Had a lot of memories about Bangkok. And I also wanna go back! :)

@Line Producer Mumbai Bring me to Mumbai, we'll make beautiful story lines.

JONtotheworld It's everyone's happy place. Everything about the country is all attractive. Nice!!!