My Fingers are Sticky in Hong Kong

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STORY: Because Hong Kong is only a few hours by plane from Manila, chances are you’ll find Filipinos there. Actually, all one hundred forty thousand of them are now based and working as household help, IT specialists, bankers and musicians, nonetheless. I remember the first time I went to this place. I was tagged along by a Greek solo backpacker I met in 2007 at Tsim Tsa Tsui. She wanted to take me to this great club in Central, Hong Kong Island. Little did i know, i will be heading to Sticky Fingers. Recently, I came back and the place looked different. The interiors have changed for the better, but it's the same cool and chill vibe which is always pleasant and exciting.  So many expats were amped for the night, dancing and singing to famous tunes covered by Filipino cover artists. I couldn’t help but feel proud where I am from. I felt home there. 

I realized one thing, as I sip my bitter Guinness beer. If more and more people would frequent Filipino owned bars/clubs in Hong Kong or anywhere in the world, we would be helping out our fellowmen. More income for the bars/clubs mean more jobs for Filipinos. Therefore, more money for the families of these Filipinos. So I say, support Philippines in Hong Kong. We are not only helping our fellowmen, we are also helping our country prosper. Think about it. 


Yo! I'm proud also if I met working Pinoys in other country. When I was in thailand, I met also one pinoy band, the feeling is great and happy, the only sad part is, do we really need to be an OFW?

Eric said...

Never got the chance of going out clubbing when I came to time nalang pagbalik ko.

One of my fave karaoke pieces!

@Renevic I couldn't agree with you more. These people risk their lives and travel to the other side of the world to earn more money for their families. Their lives are lonely, and even during holidays they still need to work. Life is tough, but they're living it no matter what.

@Eric are you based now in Manila or still in Eastern Europe? Hong Kong is actually perfect for clubbing. So many choices, whatever interests you. Although, i must say, prices aren't getting any cheaper.

@Pinay Travel Junkie i cannot say i am a fan of rock n' roll but this song, is probably the #1 song of all time. Queen is just a different league.