Travel Notes from Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

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arrived last night at the huge KLIA2, around half past ten in the evening. It was a very long walk to get to immigration. That's how vast the new airport is. After flying on a delayed Air Asia Zest flight from Manila, all i wanted to do was just relax in my bed, or bunk bed for that matter and doze off. This is my first stop on this new adventure, and i wanted to start refreshed and energized.

It's my seventh or eight time to fly to Kuala Lumpur, but i must say this particular flight was the best landing I've experienced. I told the cabin crew to tell the pilot "Nice landing!"

Good thing my rented iTunes movies kept me busy during the turbulent flight to the city. It has been raining heavily the past few days here. And we were advised that it's gonna be bumpy as we approach Kuala Lumpur airspace.

Last night, a couple of local Malaysians were watching PK, the new Amir Khan movie. I wanted to watch and join them but the subtitles were in local language. That would be a waste of time for me. They were all laughing all throughout the movie. Must have been a really funny movie. 

Convenient that 7-11 is right next door Sri Packers, so i bought 2 cans of Tiger beers at around 10 ringgit each and enjoyed the rest of the night. Good investment after a very long day, i must say.

I hope Mary and her friend will still have the time to visit the city. The Finnish girls who came in late at night just flew in to the city after a month in Thailand. I really hope they can come visit the Philippines soon. 

That's it for now. I'm home alone here at the 10 mixed dorm room at Sri Packers, and i'm just killing time. It's burning hot outside so i'm taking shed in the air conditioned room. I'm planning to go to Putrajaya later today as i haven't been there yet. Let's see how things pan out later.

Oh, i just remembered how fantastic it is to see the Petronas Towers from the window of the plane. It is out of this world. Beautiful Malaysia!!!

I arrived at the Hostel c/o my taxi driver who likes to call himself Bruce Lee. ha ha ha Oh, Malaysia. You always surprise me. :)