Travel Notes from Putrajaya, Malaysia

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woke up and decided i needed to get my foot moving. I went up to the concierge and booked a shuttle going to to KLIA2 where i will ride a transit to Putrajaya. I haven't been there yet, and i'm quite excited to travel around. There was free breakfast so i took advantage of the toast, butter and jelly. I arrived at Putrajaya station and booked a taxi to travel around for 2 hours. My driver was dead tired, and needed a cup of coffee on my next stop. We went to all the best places, like the PICC, the marina, and the best mosques you will ever find in Malaysia. There were a lot of couples doing their pre-nup shots so that was great that i was able to take their photos as well. My driver was courteous to me, and i would have given him a tip but i was saving money big time. I didn't even got his name. 

It was a good trip and i paid 75 ringgit for the 2 hours spent roaming around. After which, i went straight to ride the transit going to the airport. I wanted to avoid the rush hour. I met a Filipino couple who were lost somewhere in between. Some stranger gave them the wrong direction.

The trip going back home was to Sri Packers was unimaginable. I befriended the driver and guide, and decided i tell them about my home country. Long story short, i have a guest going to the Philippines soon, and were heading North of the county. Guess where???

I left the next day bound for Kathmandu. It was still scorching hot, and glad that the flight went well. Everybody was clapping once we arrived at the capital city of Nepal. 

I'll write soon. I had 2 big bottles of Gorkha beer and 1 Everest at one of the best bars in Thamel, Kathmandu but was totally forgettable, so imagine how lousy i am writing this. Cheers!!!

P.S. Tonight was totally cold.