Travel Notes from Kakani, Nepal

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I am standing on an edge of a cliff here in Kakani. One of the most beautiful places in the valley fringe. Lonely planet says Kakani is the quiter cousin of Nagarkot and Dhulikel. I was looking for off the beaten path destinations, and Kakani seems like a probable candidate. I left Kathmandu rather late, and arrived at the new bus station or as locals call "bypass". The bus never came, so i opted to ride a taxi instead so i can roam around Kakani freely. The taxi driver and I agreed to 2000 rupees for a four-hour trip around the mountains. 

It was great that i chose a taxi as buses are hard to come by this side of the town. I saw five English people who were stranded in the mountains as no buses go down to Kathmandu anymore. It didn't help that the nation-wide transportation strike is coming up real soon. 

Kakani is the smallest town i've ever visited. And it took me less than 15 minutes to walk around the bazaar. But the air in Kakani is different. It feels like being transported back in time, and as usual, i was the apple of the eye of many. People stare at me in amazement as i couldn't speak Nepali but I look like the person next to me. This is a reminder for me that the next time i come back to Nepal, i have to learn a few phrases so i can get by flawlessly.

After a short trail up to the picnic spot, i stood in amazement how vast the mountain range is. I ordered Nepali tea together with my driver. And we finished our drink in a few minutes. I wanted to walk around a bit more, so we ended up at the memorial park where a hundred plus passengers of Thai Airways crashed near the town. It is totally peaceful there, and no tourist in sight. I really wanted to check out the town, and so i walked to the far end north and south, capitalizing on the amazing views this town holds. On my way down to Kathmandu, i asked the driver to stop so i could watch farmer tending the terraces. It's such a sight to behold. I have hundreds of photos with me. The trip up and down Kakani is mind-blowing.

When i arrived back at the hotel, i met a traveler who wanted to interview me for a book she's writing. As i try to warm my hands in the mini fire place, she asked me about the most beautiful place or experience i have had. The next day, we proceeded with the interview. And it was liberating to share my thoughts.

By the way, my hands are freezing as i type this post. I am already here in Bandipur. I arrived last night at a home stay called Samira. The owner/manager is really friendly, and we went for a walk early this morning. Dare i say, Bandipur is the most beautiful place in Nepal. I'll write about this place really soon. I am taking a bath in a few minutes so i could take more photos of people here, and head to Thundikel so i could take a time-lapse of the Annapurna range during sunset, Everyone is so friendly. It'll be hard to leave this place for sure.