Travel Notes from Bandipur, Nepal

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Yey! I'm on my 10th day traveling. I am currently here in Bandipur, and trying to base myself here for a while. I always take it a day at a time. If i like a place, i stay long, err longer. I've been here for almost half a week. Bandipur is indeed the most beautiful place i've visited in Nepal for two years now. I am staying at a homestay called Shamira, and paying 800 rupees per night with gobsmacking views of the Annapurna. You can't beat that with the price. 

For days now, i find myself waking up late, and briefly walking up and down the tiny village in the morning. It seems everyone knows everyone here. I immediately felt that when i rode the bus from Dumre. The kids were playing the flute, and neighbors somehow find time to crack jokes. It was the day before the national strike, so i made it in time here. With no visible transportation on the road, the calm roads emerge. 

The owner of the house i'm staying has an impeccable character. He took me around town, stopping by houses, sitting at benches at one time, and drinking ginger tea at a house on another. His extended family all live in the same village, so i never felt more at ease here. The trek up Tundikhel is a breeze, and i always make it a point to to visit early in the morning and late afternoon to admire the view. 

Lonely Planet hits on this one right, the location of Bandipur is out of this world. It has the best vantage point to see Annapurna. Actually, at any time of the day, i can see it. And the room where i am staying at has that view also. 

Last night, i was served the biggest Dahl Bat meal i've had in my life. The wife kept on putting food in my plate, and it seems hard to resist. So after downing the plate, and thinking about how i ate 3 meals worth. Like a lazy traveler, i slept that night soundly full.

Bandipur is such a nice place to walk at whichever direction you pursue. I have a thousand photos with me now, so it's good i brought too many memory cards. 

The son of the owner is on his 10th grade, and he's busy studying for the exams but today everything is on hold because of the public holiday. The Gurung Caste is celeberating a nationwide parade now. Where is my caste party??? ha ha

The kids here are amazing, and toys made up of bamboo sticks and plants prove their resourcefulness. I was reading about the culture of this country, and found out that about 80% of the total population live on the $2 per day expenses. Amidst the hardships these people have to go through every single day, i can feel the warmth and sweetness from the people. One of the real reasons why Nepal is so close to my heart is because i can see the Filipinos in most of them. The faithful, easy-going type never fails to make me think how close home this is. 

It's close to noon today, and a few hours earlier i had pancakes and scrambled eggs. And i must say, the tastiest i've ever had in weeks. Since today is a holiday, i am thinking of simply relaxing and bonding with the villager kids. Everyone's playing around and i wished i brought some toys with me to share with them. 

Annapurna is slightly disfigured at the moment, while yesterday it was full on. Maybe, i'll try to visit Tundikhel again in the afternoon. i told the owner, i have no plans of leaving Bandipur yet. He said, "stay for a year". To be honest, it's not such a bad idea. 


Nepal, is the land of mountains and valleys witness thousands of tourists every year from all the corners of the world. It is famous across the globe for its rich culture and natural beauty.

@Nepal Truly, Nepal is the promised land. :)