Travel Notes from Gorkha, Nepal

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You don't know how happy i am once i stepped foot back in the valley. I can't explain why but the vibe is totally different here than in Terai. Roaming around Gorkha is so rewarding. Completely untouched by commercialism, i feel that now i have traveled around the real Nepal. It seems the people who live on the hill have the same attitude -- fun, carefree and totally friendly. I have lost count how many people i have fooled to think i am a Nepali. But all is well, and i am already friends with the auntie whom i frequent buying my daily supplies of water, coke and Surya - local cigarettes. She's also very nice, and understanding that i don't speak the local language. Just now, she introduced me to her husband which now adds to my friends list in the local community.

Also, the Gurkhas are also so much more friendly here than in Kakani. Once you go here, you will get a little paranoid because there are hundreds upon hundreds of Gurkhas stationed. Upon reading, i discovered that the countryside is a strong hold of Maoists. But, aren't the ones in government positions also Maoists? Anyway, i really salute these soldiers. I am such a big fan, and talking to some of them this afternoon is a dream come true. 

This morning, i decided to extend my stay as 2 days is definitely not enough time to explore Gorkha. Some people find it dangerous or even boring. I think otherwise. I love that there's so much to discover here. I have only scratched the surface. In this photo, this kid got curious about my GoPro that he totally photo-bombed my selfie which made this image so much more interesting.

Gorkha is situated on a hill, and below the municipality are rice paddies, stone houses, and vast mountain range. In one of the view points here, i could totally see Ganesh Himal on a clear day. Awesome! In the morning, one can see a sea of clouds similar to Tansen. I'll try to take a decent shot tomorrow, if i wake up early enough. Somehow, this makes me think how obviously blessed Nepal is in terms of natural beauty. I love the ocean, but in Nepal, i am in awe with the mountain views.

On my second night here, there's another wedding ceremony located in my neighborhood. Why is everyone getting married here? It's funny but unlike others, i thrill for local music so i consider it as my lullaby for the night. It's not even 9PM here and i am already yawning. 

I am excited to go back to Kathmandu in a few days, not for anything. I want to eat familiar food again. Take a good warm shower. Do my laundry. Get some of my other clothes which i left in my hotel in Thamel. And figure out where to go next. I still have about less than 3 weeks left before i fly to Thailand and then Brunei. I want to spend all my vacation days here in this country because there's no place like Nepal. 

P.S. I will try to man up and take photos of the people here. Everywhere i go, there's always a moneyshot. I hope the locals understand. I love them all.