Travel Notes from Narayangarh-Gorkha, Nepal

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After my unpleasant experience in Chitwan, i woke up early to prepare for my departure. The people at Holy Lodge are really one of a kind. They are the nicest staff of any hotel that i've ever stayed in Nepal. At 10AM, i asked for my usual Masala tea. Enjoying the cup overlooking the river cooled my head a bit.  I paid less than my estimate, which is good. This means that i will have more cash when i go back in the mountains. At around 11AM, i was already walking towards Sauraha Bazaar. A kind-hearted man, whom i met earlier, helped me find a ride. Instead of the bus going to Saura Chowk, i rode a motor cyclo and paid 50 rupees as it passed by Tandi Bazaar. I know the fare should be cheaper, but i am so done with arguing that i let it pass. I rode another bus heading for Narayangarh and met a guy who was dating a Cebuana. With a promise of helping him with some Cebuana phrases so can tell his sweetheart, he went down on the next stop. My stop was less than 5 minutes away. I got down and rode another "magic" mini bus for Pokhara Bus Park. This is where all the public buses and vans heading for Kathmandu or Pokhara are. Somehow, after riding too many public buses, those parked here are seated. You need to buy a ticket to get your seat number. Of course, i didn't know that. When i found out, i asked the man to help me get back my backpack, as i will be riding the next bus. By this time, the bus where i was seated is already full, so if i buy a ticket, i wouldn't get a seat anyway. The man got angry and shouted at me, threw my backpack to my face. 

I paused. I couldn't believe what just happened. It seems, my mishaps in Terai are never ending. I got back to the ticket counter and cooled off. I talked to the security personnel and told him what happened. He's frustrated that i was treated so bad. This man would later on become my guardian angel. 

I told him how much i love this country. I decided to spend 2 months in this country, foregoing my original plan to visit Bhutan and Bangladesh because my heart is in here. He may not have understood what i said, but i am pretty sure he understands how i felt. I am deeply hurt. 

He told me to calm down, and take a seat at the bench so i can relax. Initially, i wanted to leave my plan of visiting Gorkha because of what happened. If people from there are like the ugly man, then i don't want to go there. I was already thinking of going to Kathmandu, but my instincts tell me to pursue my plan of visiting Gorkha. 

He guided me to the bus ticket counter, and even helped me with my backpack. I am not a whiny backpacker, but my mind was literally on a blaze. I am thankful that he helped me ride the next bus, and got me seated right away. Before he left, he said some wise words that i have forgotten. "There will always be bad people. But there are good people, too."

And just like that, my faith in Nepal has been restored. The view on the left side of the bus heading towards Mugling was spectacular. The deep blue green river and pockets of white sand was just so inviting. The people in the bus i was riding was also the prettiest bunch. All look good looking. Even the old men and women seem like movie stars. Maybe, i was really destined to ride is bus. The four-hour trip didn't take a very long time. If only the seats were more comfortable, but i am not complaining. 

I am now sitting in my hotel here in Gorkha, listening to music all night long from our next-door neighbor who's getting married soon. It's called Hotel Prince. Obviously, it's not the best bet but some of the newer hotels are fully-booked. Why? I am paying 450 rupees per night here with no bathroom. It's a pretty big room, and the view of the valley is great. It is certainly not something i could write about, but i am thankful as these Buddhist siblings manning the place are very honest people. Surprisingly, there's a pool table at the basement. If only i was in the mood for it. Tomorrow, i shall see.

After a day of roller coaster emotions, and ride, my mind and body is tired. I need to retire for the day soon as i am planning a very early trip to the durbar square. Mind you, it takes a whopping 1800 steps to reach the entrance gate. Okay, i need all the energy i can save now. I'm keeping it real, and still very much in love with Nepal.