Travel Guide - Poctoy Beach, Torrijos, Marinduque, Philippines

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ALL-TIME FAVORITE POST FROM 2010 RE-BLOGGED: I've spent more than enough time in the city, in the municipality of Boac. I've had my share of drinking sessions and drama. It's time to head out to what Marinduquenan's call, "the best beach in Marinduque"!

Poctoy Beach This 1 kilometer stretch of white sand is the most popular beach in Marinduque. From the city of Boac, coming from a forgettable homestay where i lived for a bit, i walked to the city jeepney terminal to find the second and last jeepney travelin' to Sta. Cruz. It was hot and dusty, with relatively very few spaces inside the jeepney, i decided to be the gentleman and offer the last remaining seats to the women and children. Off i sit in a makeshift wooden chair with a size of four inches in width and twelve inches in length, sharing it with a very tired boy. The boy actually, through out the trip was using my elbow and backpack as his pillow. Very humbling experience i must say, and a very funny kid.

It was a long ride of many stop-overs, it was tiring, i think for about five minutes, i was on R.E.M. The truth here is, for a non-local, you can really get lost in this province. Many times, i almost passed by my stop but with a sense of humor and a friendly demeanor, i always never fail to chit chat with fellow passengers to show me the right way.

When i got to my stop, i was expecting a very calm, very quiet surrounding, little did i know, the town of Torrijos where i am officially spending the good days is a party island in the making.

Imagine cheesy pop songs and a crowd of a thousand. It's a Sunday, and the day we celebrate the birth of Christ, everyone seems to be having a blast. Dancing, drinking cheap rhum, exhausting the grilled pork ribs and fish from the nearby sari-sari store.

Where the hell am i?

When you arrive in Torrijos going to the White beach, you will surely be dropped off in the center, where everything, and i mean including the cheeky stuff, happens! (Please read All the Single Ladies post a.k.a The Lady boys of Marinduque) The loner and anti-social that i am, decided the center wasn't for me. I was checking a few guesthouses here and there, it's all fully booked. Some angel referred me to a person by the name of Marilou, who apparently owns another guesthouse north of the center.

Met this exotic looking lady who was very gracious and very talented at making sure, we stay there. We walked for about ten minutes, passing through huts and local fishermen. Some of which, the next day, tagged me going to the center so i won't get lost. Ah, the people of Marinduque are almost unbelievably nice.

And little by little, as i walk to going to the far side of the island, i realize... yeah man, this is what i am talking about. White sand, clear waters, fresh coconut and no one in sight, Awesome!

I always say Robinson Crusoe here in my blog, as the feeling of getting lost and stranded in an island all to yourself. The picture is getting clearer now. I am almost there.

Went uphill for a bit and found myself in the middle of nowhere. Literally! Imagine green fields, cows and goats and the view of the ocean. The moment i saw where i will be for the next few days proved to be the best 5 minutes of my life. I couldn't contain my emotions. I haven't seen the room, and whether there was water or electricity, i didn't care, i immediately said "I'm taking this room for sure!"

At last, after a few hours of travel from the other end of the province, i am basking in the glory of midday sun and Poctoy White Beach.

The room is cheap, too. For about P500 or $10, you get a big room, wide bed, mosquito net, electric fan (who needs A/C), running water and a view of the ocean in a private cove.

Be reminded, electricity in Torrijos, heck, the whole of Marinduque is spotty. So, if you're afraid of the dark or alone, it may get a little lonely at night. Also, the location of the resort is a little bit far from the center, about 500 meters, where there is food, booze and a karaoke machine.

So, if you must insist, pack all the essentials like drinking water, medicines and food. There is a cooking station and a working stove so you can prepare your own meal.

The next few days of my stay were spent walking back and forth buying supplies and then lounging in the hammock or tanning under the shade of huge trees. Listening to pop songs and classical were also part of my trip. During afternoons, i scream my loudest roars, vocalize and sing high-pitched ballads. Just because i can and nobody can hear me.

Since this is a private homestay, with relatively no people in sight, i was nude (just kiddin'). Although if you must, it is possible. As Marilou said, most foreign tourists sunbath topless and nobody bothers them.

After about thirty minutes of walking and wandering around, i stopped by to take a photo of myself with the majestic Mt. Malindig in my back.

If you ask me about my thoughts, i couldn't point out why this place is unique. It's somewhere in between knowing the Torrijos is a poor man's beach but blessed with the whitest, clearest waters and knowing the people here are the nicest I've met anywhere in the Philippines.

Besides the occasional brown outs and unlit pathways, this place has a charm that's hard to explain.

Up until now, this particular stop seems so unforgettable to me. I have no idea why.


ayan said...

miss that place...i still know the guys there i think..haha..
spent my birthday there 3 yrs ago
are these guys still there? haha

@Ayan sadly, i didn't get to see and meet these fellows. they look really cool. it's been a year since this trip, i wonder how it is this year. so many people are now flocking over to Marinduque. I cannot blame them, Torrijos is beautiful!!! How are you Ayan? where are you, man?

Anonymous said...

hi. by any chance, do you have the contact number of the guest house you stayed in? Also how many people is its capacity? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks you for the great blog you made in our place. Literraly, I grew up in this place until such time studying college in Manila.

Next time you went there, you have a lot of hiddend wonders of Nature in Torrijos...Hopefully you can join us one time...

Anonymous said...

Hi Pinoy Boy. Got clear idea of how chaotic going to Marinduque during Holy Week. Imagine this 2013 Lenten season. Anyway, Can you give Marilou's number? or address of the place? Thank you.

@anonymous I think the place where i stayed was a home that was converted into a guest house. It's really basic but complete with cooking facilities. It's located on the south end of the beach. You won't miss it. Thanks!

@anonymous I've been to more than 60 provinces in the Philippines. Marinduque is on my top 3. Beautiful place, even more beautiful people. :)

@anonymous I just bumped into Mariloy while i was looking for a place. You can ask people around for the location of her place. It's not hard to miss. Enjoy!

Andrei said...

Nice! Can't wait to visit Poctoy beach! Solo travel sa katapusan or next month. Haha.

@Andrei Enjoy! I have to go back, that's for sure.