A Backpacker's Foodie Guide to Finding the Best Restaurant in Kowloon, Hong Kong

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So you've just arrived in the pulsating country of Hong Kong. It's been a short, or long flight and chances are, you didn't like the food the airline served you for breakfast. You just exited the train from Hong Kong International Airport, and you're in the throbbing unofficial capital of Hongkong, Kowloon. You can't wait to roam around and shop for awesome finds but your starving already. You're now on the hunt for the best food for your first meal.

Finding good food this side of the world shouldn't pose a problem, because there's just so many restaurants offering authentic and world-class cuisine. Whether you fancy sushi, buckwheat noodles, a slappy high grade burger, or whatever delectable is in your mind, you will find it on the next block for sure. 

The bad news is that if you arrive early in Hong Kong, most restaurants won't open until noon. That's what happened to me during my last visit. I starved and waited for them restaurants to open. On the hunt for any restaurant open, i discovered other alternative places to check out when you're already crazy hungry in Kowloon.

I've survived a few hours with growling tummy. After a few bites of tasty bread from 7-11, i started looking for food. I am not connoisseur! But i guess, food in general is subjective. As long as i find the food ridiculously tasty, then i am writing it. I want to leave fancy critique to other bloggers out there. I'll just take you here at Pinoy Boy Journals on a walking tour around Kowloon, searching for the tastiest food in Hong Kong. 

Because backpackers will die of hunger if there's no 7-11! For backpackers, 7-11 stores are a staple to find go-to-meals that won't burn a hole in the pocket. I've managed to drop by a few times there to buy soda and crackers. Sometimes, when I'm too tired to scout for some more places to eat, I'll buy microwavable food there and just re-heat it at the hotel.

Some of the food they offer are forgettable like those beef curry strips but the clubhouse sandwich and pasta supreme are good value for your money. Prices aren't cheap but i've managed to buy discounted chips. Yes! You've read that right. Sometimes, if you buy one, you get the other for half the price. What i love about Hong Kong is that they serve Vitamin C water which is a perfect alternative to bad, bad soft drinks.

The story of the duck

A friend once told me for a globetrotter, i am quite the picky eater. I couldn't agree with him more. Firstly, i don't eat pork unless of course it's "siomai", "sisig" (google it), bad processed food like hot dogs and spams. I don't eat peking duck at all. During my last visit to Hong Kong, I've narrowed down my list of top five best experiences, and the duck isn't even included. Although i think I've tried it once for experience but it surely it isn't palatable to me. In Hong Kong, there's tons of food places where you can sample the best peking duck ,whether it is fried or broiled and served with rice or in a sandwich. Of course, i had to leave it to some people to experience that. 

While roaming around Tsim Sha Tsui, i was looking for a nice and affordable place to eat. It's my first big meal in Hong Kong and i want to make it special. It's been a long time since i last came to this country, and i felt as if i was traveling to Hong Kong for the first time. I had my favorites like the lunch to-go at the basement of IFC Mall and one of those quaint noodles shops in Lang Kwai Fong. Other than that, my recommendations are pretty slim. 

My Captain, Old Captain!

And then i stumbled upon a restaurant named Old Captain's. It's not an authentic Chinese restaurant. It's actually a Chinese owned, Vietnamese restaurant serving authentic Viet food with a fusion of Chinese and Continental delicacies. Prices are shown in the menu outside the restaurant so it's not intimidating. The food produce is fresh and cooked right when you order it. Those manning the restaurant are a friendly bunch who would make sure every customer is served well. All in all, i found myself making the most out of the money i spent, maybe even more. If there's one place to eat that i can really recommend in Hong Kong, it's this place. I ate there almost three times because the food was so good. Check out some pics i took, guys!

seafood fried rice

lemon chicken

fried spring rolls 

garlic shrimp

Food isn't necessarily cheap in Hong Kong. I know there's tons of other places in Kowloon where you can dine for cheap. But if you want to experience the real deal, you need to shed a few dollars, i guess. It's a hit or miss, actually. I've eaten in a fancy restaurant and spent a grand total of $50USD for three people, and i can still taste how awful the food was. So the next day, it was time again for some Old Captain's food trip. While walking at night, the scent of jasmine and garlic being cooked in oil is enough to whet anyone's appetite. It sure did to me. I've eaten in other restaurants during my stay but only Old Captain's made me write another food blog entry.

Now that I'm done eating, it's time to walk around errr... shop!

Old Captain's
G/F,Woon Lee Commercial Building,7-9 Austin Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong



Nakakagutom! Love the food photos.

Rome Dylan said...

This food entry is especially helpful since I'll also be in HK this October. Thanks for sharing. :)

seema said...


We had one of our meals from 7eleven as well when we were in HK but then it wouldn't be complete without trying the hawker stalls, the street food and like you said, shedding out some money to taste a decent authentic Chinese food.

Anonymous said...

Hunger strikes at midnight. :) The seafood rice and spring rolls looks tasty. Got to try those when I visit Hong Kong this June.

@Rizalenio natapos din ang Japan, Hong Kong naman!!! pinaka-favorite ng mga Pinoy!!! Thanks! Di pa ako nakakabili ng dslr!!! waaahhhh kelangan na talaga!

@Dylan I highly recommend Old Captains. It's in Tsim Sha Tsui. Very affordable and the food is awesome!!! i went there three times in four days ha ha ha Thanks man!

@seema Thanks!!!

@lakwatsera de primera I realized that it's best to explore more of the cuisine because it says so much about the place. I promise to try out everything next time, including pork! A lot of people think i'm muslim because i always tell "No Pork!" in my food. he he Thanks, Claire! If everything is good to go, i might do sydney and melbourne next year around April... and then to NZ.

@neldeleon Wow, you're going to Hong Kong too! Nice!!! post more food photos. gotta love this country. Thanks so much for writing!

Roki said...

HK bound this Friday! I hope to see Gaga in Lan Kwai Fong! hahaha pero scared ako sa acid incidents! =p

@Roki mukhang wala naman na!!! have fun in HK! While you're away, blog mo ang aatupagin ko!!! take many photos and review all restaurants. helpful yan!!! Yey dkitchenbitchen!