Get Young and Crazy in Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.

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I've been to Taipei twice in my life, and i don't see my second trip as the last. During my first visit, i thought it's the most underrated destination in Asia. The second time i flew to Taipei, i felt the city got even more exciting. 

The flight from Manila to Taipei is so short, taking a nap will crack your brains out. Look out the window, and see the islands pass you buy. It won't take a while, you're in crazy Taipei already. And i swear, you will have a grand time there.

Shopping in Taipei is highly recommended. I spent quite a long time and fortune just buying too many things i want to have. And when you're traveling, when you see something, you have to buy it. You will feel bad if you don't. Trust me. But what's particularly nice about shopping for clothing and accessories in Taipei is that there are a lot of local brands that sell high street fashion. And chances of seeing someone else with the same shirt, would be close to null. Styles are limited because it's not all mass produced.

And surprisingly, it's not too expensive. As years pass by, i find shopping in Hong Kong or Macau quite dreadful as prices are getting higher. Blame it on commercialism, the prices are jacked up so much. In Taipei, shopping hunts at Luodong and Liouhe are always good value for money. I went home with new clothing and accessories half of my suitcase. What's nice is that i still have a couple of dollars to buy myself a couple of Blue Girl Beer. Yes. I've been traveling around Asia, and it's only in Taipei that i got to savor the flavor of this beer. Crazy, right?

In Taipei, you can search for many game machines. These are always found in malls, subway stations and even side streets. These joints are such a popular past time for most locals that you will definitely see a game machine when you see locals swarming at a place. A couple of Taiwan dollars will give you a chance to win amazing prizes. Last time i checked, the grand prize was the latest iPhone. 

Of course, i tried one near the Taipei Main Station. Of course, i didn't win. But it sure is hell lot of fun just trying it out, and trying to push my luck. Later that day, i heard cheers from passers-by because i was already close to winning a new phone. But sadly, i didn't.

It's only recently that i had a fascination with stickers. I collect them so i stick it on my green suitcase. Reason for this is because handling by Asian carriers is such a bummer. Sticking these goodies on it just solved my concerns about scratches. While roaming around Taipei's famous night markets such as Shihlin, i stumbled upon this shop which sells the meanest stickers you can ever find. Safe to say, i bought too many i can already cover the whole suitcase. 

The crazy art of shops and stalls definitely earn my thumbs up. Like this pop up store, someone thought of  placing a gigantic doll in cool glasses, while dressed in camouflage. That's epic right there.

I regret not buying the polaroid camera when i was in Taipei. I've always been a fan of instant pictures, and i have a special project for it which will be coming out on this blog really soon. It's such a hit in Taipei that there's tons of different brands and models found in places like Guang Hua. And the best thing about it is that it's cheaper to buy these cameras in Taipei than back home. 

Can you tell a place anywhere in the world that sells penis shaped waffles? None. Enough said. The women, however, were all gigling and taking photos. And for tourists, what's particularly nice is that you can take a photo of it for free at Shihlin Night Market. Go to Khao San Road and you can see stalls selling crickets with 10 baht charges. So disappointing.

Now, i am not really sure but i overheard someone that this lady is actually a porn star. I have no idea if that's the truth. But stumbling upon a sexy star right in the heart of Nova Mall near the toilet is far out crazy to me. There were a couple of photographers there, so i think snapping a photo won't bother the lady. By the way, she looks more cute in person. 

Who would have thought that roaming around Taipei will lead me to the country's largest university, Taiwan National University. Finding crazy things to do in Taipei lead me to a basketball within the compounds of the university. It was a fun afternoon playing hoops in another country, with locals. 

I am street art fanatic. I take photos of street art wherever i find one. There's a couple in Ho Chi Minh and Kathmandu, but the ones nearby Ximending are the best I've seen. I  even made a music video nearby which i had a fun time doing. It's a crazy city, anyway. So making a music video, and starring on it, is a given. 

I've never thought that Taipei will excite me this much. If i was in my teens, i would find Taipei the best city in the world. If i was in my late 20's, then i would be indulging my teenage fantasies. Now that i'm in my 30's, i guess coming back again and again to Taipei will surely make me rekindle my youth. Who said you need to be young to feel young? All you need to do is head to Taipei and get crazy!