Remembering My Review of Penguin Bar in Manila, Philippines

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Penguin Bar is a good chill out place where you don't have to carry those expensive signature branded bags, where you don't have to dress up with collared shirts, where you don't have to watch out how fast you drink because the drinks are really cheap anyway, where you don't have to think about just anything else but you having a good time. Long known as an artist's haven right smacked in the country's capital Manila in the heart of bustling and alive city of Malate, this place is highly recommended for artists, laid back travelers, backpackers, just about anyone who is not looking for a posh club to have drinks. 

Good music abound as some nights are accompanied by world class Filipino performers from rock, ska, reggae, psychedelic beats, and world music. The performers are within reach so keep a little space for them to breathe out. It's a pretty small place but with the homey interiors and a creative vibe, you would likely to think it's an artists home turned into a work space but it's a quaint place to relax, have a few San Miguel beers, listen to good music, and swing those hips.

There is an entrance fee on some days for about P200 or $4. San Miguels shouldn't cost you more than P50 or $1. Food is relatively cheap as well as cocktails. The friendly staff makes you feel like you're paying so much because you are definitely well-taken cared off. 

Penguin Bar, Malate
Remedios Circle cor. Bacobo St. Malate
Manila, Metro Manila
(02) 303-7355


flipnomad said...

cool new layout!

thans flip, do you go to penguin a lot? its a really cool place, nothing like the overpriced beers sold in makati. everything is cheap here... were all the hippies go. hehe.. a couple of my foreign friends here actually influenced me to go here a lot.

Anonymous said...

I recently went there and found out that it was shut down. Quite disappointing but do you have any idea if they have re-opened somewhere else. I went to their Malate circle place (which was the original I believe). Please let me know if you know of the new place they have re-opened.

hi sam! me too, last time i went there to take my foreigner friends it was closed down.

but its happy to note that i researched and found out they've just opened a new location...

The 30+ years old bar/gallery known as the last bastion of METRO MANILA's bohemian life. Sometimes dismissed as tooooo old, passe and has been. STILL KICKING

REOPENING of the Penguin/Gallery's new location at 9815 Kamagong Street, San Antonio Village

9815 Kamagong St.
San Antonio Village, Makati
632 7108056
Tues - Sat:
6:00 pm - 2:00 am

visit the facebook fan page to get regular updates...