Omah Gili, a Breath of fresh Air Resort in Gili Air Island, Indonesia

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Omah Gili, tucked from the busy (if a few shacks means busy), neighborhood of Gili Air, is like a breath of fresh air after rediscovering the island's plush surroundings. You can take my word for it. This place is really exotic. 

There are two ways to get to the resort, one by a more scenic route passing through lovely cafes and restaurants by the beach or the other one, via the pastoral little village zig-zaging to get to the heart of the town. The question is, where's the town located?

With just a few villas surrounding the area, you discover peace and tranquility within the compounds of the resort. I especially love the vibe the resort offers, complete with traditional Lombok garments and furniture to make the experience even more authentic. I stayed together with a couple of friends at a village that houses two rooms with king size beds, and a loft area to jot down notes at night or listen to chill music in the afternoon. It's the perfect place to rest after a day of exploring. And because it's in the middle of the jungle, it's cool at night.

The outdoor bathroom is especially cozy and surreal. The warm midday sun dries you off after a cold shower, which was lovely. The walk to the nearest beach is just about a hundred meters away which makes your tanning experience even more convenient. I've tried a couple of warungs (that's a cafe or restaurant in the western world) by the beach, all of them offering lovely continental and local cuisine. The best Nasi Goreng I've tried is from there, and it's sweet and spicy with just right hint of exotic flavor. If you miss home, tacos and pizzas are always in the main menu. 

A few days is not enough to experience Omah Gili's holiday spirit which it offers to its guests. Imagine, the pool itself is a fabulous amenity, that should be put on the list of your must do's in Gili Air. It's just right. 

The island also prides itself as the quiet alternative to Gili Trawangan where parties never end, and mornings become evenings for party animals. With its crystal clear waters, and the magnificent view of Mount Rinjani, you can spend your days in perfect solitude here. 

A walk at night is very romantic and the view of the stars twinkling over the catamarans is very atmospheric. You can enjoy a bottle of beer or wine by the beach restaurants and bars north of the center. 

Since Gili Air only provides horse carts as a mode of transportation, be ready to sweat it out in a bicycle if you must. Horses sleep, too. 

The intimate experience of mingling with the locals and understanding their beach life is one of the most important experiences you can ever have in Gili Air. The people are friendly, and the relax atmosphere totally eradicates fighting over here. 

With a cold tamarind juice freshly made by the staff in one hand, i write this down. What an experience it is to travel to Gili Air and stay in Omah Gili. 

Omah Gili Resort
Address: Gili Air, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
Telephone Number: +628161455-080
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