Unforgettable Sunsets at Hotel Ombak Sunset, Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

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Who doesn't love a good sunset??? No one. In Gili Trawangan where there's only a handful of morning people, sunsets become the unofficial sunrise. But before that, sunrises are particularly nice, too. 

At Ombak Sunset, you get the best view of the sunset in the whole island. That is really something. For a party island, this place is perfect for chill out sessions in the afternoon where a bottle of beer or a glass of cocktail is in order. 

And because the resort is huge, walking around is already a journey in itself. You will find yourself in quiet corners and luxurious gardens. The main entrance though is surely fit for kings and queens. 

With over 15 hectares of prime spot by the beach, situated in the far north of the island, Ombak Sunset is the only five star hotel resort within the island. And the stars are all aligned at Ombak, where plush plantations are right smack in the middle of the villas. 

I especially love the terrace villa right in the middle so a trip to the beach doesn't take too long. You get the best of both worlds: an elegant spree by the couch, and fun sits by the bean bags. 

The beach front of Ombak is also one of the most popular tourist attractions in Gili Trawangan, not only because of the exotic sunsets but also because of the photogenic swings built by the sea. My photo is nothing compared to awesome photos you can google right about now. Amazing, right?

I am pretty sure you will make a trip there soon. Be sure to be there before the line starts by staying at Ombak, and you will be rewarded with an experience worthy of envy from your friends. 

The five-star rating is thumbs up in all aspects. From the vast pool, to the delicious buffet breakfasts, and of course the happy hour cocktails by the beach, everything is truly unforgettable here.  

The lovely pool, with its deep red umbrellas and turqoise waters are the perfect backdrop to an exciting happy hour session. My friends and I are looking forward to coming back at Ombak Sunset so i can truly satisfy my hunger for some pool time. 

After a night of too much partying at XL and Evolution, the signature mocktail makes for one lovely detox afternoon. Sunsets at Ombak Sunset are truly one of a kind!

I could have stayed at Gili T for a while but the wild side of the jungle and deserted beaches is already calling me. I think it's time to head to exotic Lombok. 

Address: Gili Trawangan, Dusun Gili, Trawangan Indah, Lombok Utara, Nusa Tenggara Bar. , Indonesia
Telephone Number: +62370644333/+6281808644333