Sabbatical Five Star Retreat at Holiday Resort in Lombok, Indonesia

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When i traveled across Java overland, i had to forego a trip due to time constraints. I only had a month then, and from Bali, i had a choice to either head to Java or to Lombok. I chose the former. 

About a year has passed, and i was back in Bali. Of course, the best plan was now to head to Lombok. After exploring Gili Air and Gili Trawangan, i wanted to push my adventure meter a notch higher so i decided to pursue a trip to mainland Lombok. 

The boat was very efficient, shuttling me from Gili T to Lombok in less than an hour at about 15,000 rupees. It was a very atmospheric ride and very cheap, too. 

Lombok definitely feels so different from Bali, where tourism is at its prime. Lombok doesn't feel touristy at all. 

At Holiday Resort Lombok, i felt so far from civilization but with the comforts of my own home. 

With the new wing fully operational, you can wake up to the fresh breeze of a tropical morning. The outdoor terrace is lovely, with its teak wood finish and surrounding it are hundreds of coconut trees. The room is perfect where huge comfortable beds are waiting for you after a snorkeling trip or stroll around local village 5 minutes away from the resort. 

To tell you that Holiday Resort Lombok is huge, is truly an understatement. It is arguably the biggest and highest star rating resort in Mangsit beach where sunsets are spectacular and out of this world.

On board your own private car or on a motorbike, you will see the development of the island fast approaching. Apart from the newly built international airport in Lombok, now five star hotels and residential compounds are being built for those looking for a more pounded Indonesian culture.  

Because the west coast is particularly a very safe destination in Lombok, a few nights stay at Holiday Resort Lombok feels more of a reward than an adventure. If only i could stay longer, i would definitely choose to hibernate here for at least a week. Good thing Muktu promised to be here next time, and i am quite sure about it. 

When a resort is huge, chances are there's tons of things to do apart from the spectacular sunset. 

The pool for one, is warm and crystal clear which i had a grande time using after a late afternoon swim by the beach and early morning lap. 

The bar area provides guests with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks which comes in handy to cool off. 

Apart from the three restaurants, one bar/club, one luxurious spa and about a hundred beach lounge chairs, you can find your own little space to tuck yourself to sleep. 

More importantly, a very popular excursion is a dinner at the scenic restaurant by the beach where a romantic set-up is possible upon request. 

Imagine a table for two by the beach - watching the sun set and Bali's highest volcano. I don't have to dream about this place anymore. It's real.