Visit Wat Po and the Reclining Buddha in Bangkok, Thailand

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ALL-TIME FAVORITE POST FROM 2010 RE-BLOGGED: One of Thailand's grandest treasure is its temples. With so many breath-taking thousand old temples littered around Northern Thailand and the City Capital Bangkok, it's no wonder more and more tourists flock to one of the most popular temples "Wats" in Thailand located in the capital - Wat Po and the Reclining Buddha.

As i have been here a few times but have not blogged about it, i think it's about time i write about my experience. I was wearing a comfortable cotton long sleeves and cargo short plus flip-flops, i wasn't able to go inside the grand palace. There are heaps of women saying they can lend you sarongs and long pants but i reckon they will sell it to you after. After a trip to Patpong, i couldn't afford to waste some more money so off i go to walk some more till i came across the other side of the block, Wat Po.

Wat Phra Chetuphon
This temple which was built in the 17th century is actually the oldest temple in the whole of Bangkok.

You need to pay entrance fee to get inside, for less than 50 baht you can roam around the huge complex. I am not really sure how much it will cost you. Some i know paid 20 baht to get in, but others just walked pass the lady counter and just entered on their own.

A good one-two hour around Wat Po is enough as you might have temple fatigue. There are so many gold and bronze structures lined up, giant bells, amazing structures, steps and figures that will astound you. The craftsmanship and artistry is undeniable. Everywhere you go is always photogenic. The colors, the patterns, and the class parade in all it's glory. Be sure to visit here early in the morning. It's true, less tourists and less chance of fainting due to high humidity. You don't want to share your prized photo with a funny tourist at the back. He/she will be part of your photo forever. eeek

As you walk further, you will see a humongous line going inside. This is the entrance to the Reclining Buddha.

At 46 meters long and 15 meters high and all gold plated, this resembles the illustration of the passing of the buddha into Nirvana. All engraved in Mother of Pearl. The feet has 108 auspicious characteristics of the buddha.

Going inside is like going to a museum. After a while, you will realize that this particular place is a temple, a sacred place where people worship. However, this is not the case when you get there. Attractions aside, i didn't enjoy the place with a company of 100 plus tourists lurking around taking photos from the same angle of the buddha. With its grand history and its fruitful future. I am losing track of the essence of this temple. This gives me the real big idea to visit the temples of Ayutthaya.

I may have a different view when i travel but it's not going to cost me a big drop with experience if i didn't go there. But on a lighter note, i highly recommend it to everyone visiting Bangkok. With very cheap entrance fee, and a history so remarkable, you couldn't pass on this one.

Wat Po and the Reclining Buddha is open everyday from 8AM-5pm with a lunch break between 12NN to 1PM. Guides are frequent, but you know you don't really need it.